The Quarry - All Camp Map Locations

A guide on all Camp Map Locations in The Quarry. In this guide, it will give you information on each map, description, and how to unlock it.

All Camp Map Locations

Camp Map Locations for The Quarry

Below is a list of all Camp Map in The Quarry, including their name, location, description, character, and how to unlock.

Please note that this page is currently being updated. Information was from the demo, more information will be added once the game is available.

List of Camp Locations

Name Character/s Description How to Unlock
Camp Lodge Laura
Built as the central hub of the Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp, the lodge is where campers congregate for meals, lessons, and indoor activities. It’s also home to our nurse’s station, just in case of any unlikely bumps and bruises! Unlocked during Prologue.

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