Valkyrie Elysium - Which Game Control Setting to Use

A guide on which game control setting to use in Valkyrie Elysium, including details on Control Preset A, B, C, and recommended button configuration for playing the game for the first time.

Valkyrie Elysium - Which Game Control Setting to Use

Which Game Control Setting to Use for Valkyrie Elysium

Valkyrie Elysium features three types of control presets that you can freely change from the game’s main menu (Options > Controls). Note that you cannot manually map or customize the button layout in the game.

Control Preset A

“Action-style” Configuration 1

Valkyrie Elysium - Control Preset A

Control Preset A is essentially the game’s “default” button layout and is recommended for players going through the game for the first time. Attacking is done using the face buttons (□ for normal attack and △ for transition attack).

The left side trigger buttons are for performing Soul Chain and guarding (L2 and L1 respectively). The right side trigger buttons, meanwhile, are for summoning Einherjar and Divine Arts (R1 and R2 respectively).

Control Preset B

“Action-style” Configuration 2

Valkyrie Elysium - Control Preset B

Control Preset B is very similar to A but with some minor differences on the trigger buttons. For the left-side trigger buttons, Soul Chain and Guard have been swapped. This is also the case for the right-side trigger buttons.

Control Preset C

“Souls-style” Configuration

Valkyrie Elysium - Control Preset C

Control Preset C is the most unique of the button layouts as it puts the attack buttons on the right-side trigger buttons. This combat control scheme will feel similar to those found in Souls games. Soul Chain and and guard have been mapped to the face buttons (□ and △ respectively). Summoning Einherjar and using Divine Arts, meanwhile, are done using the left-side trigger buttons (L1 and L2 respectively).

Which Control Preset is Recommended?

Preset A and B are recommended.

Control Presets A and B are the best choice for playing the game as it is generally much easier to input combo attacks using the face buttons than with the trigger buttons. Players familiar with hack-and-slash games will also feel right at home with either configuration.

The choice on whether to go for Preset A or B will then depend on which layout you prefer with regards to the trigger buttons which will greatly vary for each player.

Feel free to change the control preset going to the Options menu during at any time during play to find the one that suits you the best.

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