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Main Story Walkthroughs

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Valkyrie Elysium - Chapter 2: Champions of the Divine Main Quest WalkthroughCh.0: Prologue Valkyrie Elysium - Chapter 1: Purify the Soul WalkthroughCh. 1: Purify the Soul
Valkyrie Elysium - Chapter 2: Champions of the Divine Main Quest WalkthroughCh. 2: Champions of the Divine Valkyrie Elysium - Chapter 3: An Unexpected Encounter Main Quest WalkthroughCh. 3: An Unexpected Encounter
Valkyrie Elysium - Chapter 4: Victim of the Gods Main Quest WalkthroughCh. 4: Victim of the Gods Valkyrie Elysium - Chapter 5: Those Offered the Hand of Salvation Main Quest WalkthroughCh. 5: Those Offered the Hand of Salvation
Valkyrie Elysium - Chapter 6: Evil Arises Main Quest WalkthroughCh. 6: Evil Arises Valkyrie Elysium - Chapter 7: Metamorphosis and Doubt Main Quest WalkthroughCh. 7: Metamorphosis and Doubt
Valkyrie Elysium - Chapter 8: The Truth Unmasked Main Quest WalkthroughCh. 8: The Truth Unmasked Valkyrie Elysium - Chapter 9: The Fate of the World Main Quest WalkthroughCh. 9: The Fate of the World

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Chapter 1 Sub Quests

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Mother’s Ring A Dead Man’s Warning

Chapter 2 Sub Quests

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My Hometown

Chapter 3 Sub Quests

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O’ Mine Beloved Land  An Old Man’s Discerning Eye 

Chapter 4 Sub Quests

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The Unfinished Masterpiece 

All Sub Quest List and Locations

Boss Guides

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Boss Guide 1 Boss Guide 2


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Story Characters

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Valkyrie Elysium - Valkyrie Maria IconValkyria Maria Valkyrie Elysium - Odin IconOdin
Valkyrie Elysium - Fenrir IconFenrir Valkyrie Elysium - Valkyrie Hilde IconValkyrie Hilde
Valkyrie Elysium - Armand IconArmand

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Einherjar Characters

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Valkyrie Elysium - Eygon IconEygon Valkyrie Elysium - Cypher IconCypher
Valkyrie Elysium - Kristoffer IconKristoffer Valkyrie Elysium - Taika IconTaika

Valkyrie Elysium Einherjar List

Strategy Guides

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Beginner Guides

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Which Control Setting to Use Game Difficulty
PC System Requirements How Long to Beat
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Trophies and Achievements List All Endings Guide
How to Get the True Ending Post-Game Unlockables
Einherjar List and Summon Guide All Weapons List and Locations
All Ambrosia Locations All Arts Ambrosia Locations
All Soul Ambrosia Locations All Hollow Blossom Locations
All Verdant Blossom Locations All Divine Art Scroll Locations
Skill Tree Guide All Subquests List and Locations
All Weapon Upgrade Material Locations How to Farm Black Gems and Rainbow Gems
How to Increase Weapon Proficiency Fast How to Get S Ranks
All Runes List and Locations

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Divine Arts Weapons
Skills Items

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Game Overview

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Valkyrie Elysium is a third-person action role-playing game and is the fifth installment of Square Enix’s Valkyrie Profile series.

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Continuing the franchise’s focus on Norse mythology, Valkyrie Elysium once again puts players in the role of one of the eponymous maidens known as Valkyries to seek out and guide the souls of slain heroes.


Valkyrie Elysium - Story Overview

Valkyrie Elysium follows the tale of Maria, a Valkyrie serving the All-Father Odin, who is sent on a mission to save the doomed world of Midgard as Ragnarok draws near. Throughout her journey, Maria encounters a host of fallen warriors called Einherjar whose souls can be purified to aid her in battle.

Valkyrie Elysium - Einherjar Eygon Valkyrie Elysium - Einherjar Cypher

As with the series’ tradition, the backstory and personal struggles of Einherjar who join Maria play a major role in the game’s story. Maria herself must draw on their power and the bonds she forges with them to overcome major obstacles she will face on the road.

Valkyrie Elysium - Valkyrie Hilde

Maria and her allies also frequently cross blades with the mysterious Valkyrie Hilde who fights in the service of Fenrir. Clad in black armor and wielding a massive spear, Hilde proves to be a formidable rival to Maria in combat. It is, however, unclear what Hilde’s true motives are.



Valkyrie Elysium - Exploration Overview

Players will explore Midgard, a fictional representation of Earth, populated by both humans and otherworldly creatures. A number of different maps, including open fields, dungeons, and ruins, are populated by enemies which can be defeated to obtain experience, money, and items.

Einherjar Puzzles

Found throughout the game are special obstacles called Einherjar Puzzles. These spots require the player to make use of an Einherjar’s special abilities to cross terrain normally inaccessible to Maria, activate switches, and open doors leading to new passages to hidden areas.


Valkyrie Elysium - Combat System Valkyrie Elysium - Battle System

Valkyrie Elysium features third-person action RPG-style combat, a deviation from the series’ turned-based and tactical gameplay found in past titles in the series.

Valkyrie Elysium - Weapons and Magic

Players will have access to an arsenal of weapons to execute combos and special attacks. There is also a wide variety of magic, skills, and abilities, expanding offensive and defensive options in battle.

Einherjar System

Valkyrie Elysium - Einherjar System

Perhaps the most noticeable change in one of the franchise’s most recurring features is the Einherjar system. In previous games, Einherjar usually served as a regular member of the main character’s party and fight alongside them throughout each enemy encounter.

In Valkyrie Elysium, however, Einherjar are more akin to summonable allies who are only active for a fixed duration. Einherjar in Valkyrie Elysium also, for the most part, act on their own but can be directed to perform special moves or focus on specific targets in battle.

Game Trailers

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Game Information

Title Valkyrie Elysium (WW)
Genre Single-player / Action Role-Playing
Platform and System Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Steam
Developer Soleil
Publisher Square Enix
Release date September 29, 2022 (for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5), November 12, 2022 (Steam)
Official Website