Arena of Valor Valiant Online Community Tournament - Day 1 Roundup

Day 1 roundup of Kaisaya's Arena of Valor (AoV) Online Community Tournament featuring different pro and non-pro teams from SEA server.

Day 1 of the AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament has concluded, and it was brimming with highly competitive action courtesy of the various teams participating in the Valiant Server. Here are a couple of highlights from Day 1’s matches:

Week 1 AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament

Match 1: Forgiven United (Squammy Version) vs. GodHandApostle

Forgiven United (Squammy Version) GodHandApostle
Lu Bu Xeniel
Forgiven United (Squammy Version) GodHandApostle
Maker – Tulen Ryan Kai – Valhein
ғᴜ•ғʟᴏᴡ – Alice TheMartians – Cresht
ғᴜ•sᴋɪʟʟ – Kriknak WalterLogix† – Natalya
ᴄᴷ•Yanyan – Ryoma TheRusted – Zephys
ғᴜ•ɴ – Maloch IamWeiGe – Grakk

The first game saw both teams opting for unique team compositions. Forgiven United went with a team-fight heavy lineup while GodHandApostle picked a lineup of heroes heavy on control abilities like Grakk, Valhein, and Cresht.

It was a one-sided affair in favor of Forgiven United. They were able to rotate well between every lane and had a 14-3 advantage at the 5-minute mark. They eventually went on to destroy the third level turret in the Dark Slayer (DS) lane.

Forgiven United aggressively pushed the open DS lane towards the core to secure the first win of the tournament in just six minutes. Aside from the large kill score gap of 19-4, they also dominated the gold charts with an 11k gold lead.

Winner: Forgiven United (Squammy Version)
MVP: Maker (Tulen, 6-1-10 KDA, 14.0 MVP)

Match 2: Arsenal vs. J3X LUCIS

Arsenal J3X Lucis
Kil’Groth Superman
Arsenal J3X Lucis
ʳˢᶰᶫ wтH͟͟²² – Ryoma J3X 风吹了- Zephys
ʳˢᶰᶫ – Cresht XURA – Tulen
SHER – Alice J3x white白 – Lu Bu
Cocong – Lauriel J3X Tsuna – Thane
Kuling – Airi J3X GNI – Xeniel

In the second game, J3X Lucis had a tanky lineup of Thane, Zephys, and Xeniel. On the other side, Arsenal went with heavy-damage dealers such as Airi, Ryoma, and Lauriel.

It was a back-and-forth fight between the two teams in the early stage of the game, feeling each other out with rotations and gank attempts. However, J3X’s Zephys drew first blood at the 4-minute mark and the team never looked back.

Despite looking good in team fights, Arsenal never got any kills. The game progressed further with J3X holding a 10-0 lead. J3X then pushed all of the towers before going straight to the core to secure game two, 12-2.

Winner: J3X Lucis
MVP: XURA (Tulen, 4-0-6 KDA, 14.1 MVP)

Match 3: WIL Ruthless vs. Team BlakPink

WIL Ruthless Team BlakPink
Xeniel Kil’Groth
WIL Ruthless Team BlakPink
WIL•Cholo – Superman Exialted – Butterfly
WIL·FS Frenzy – Maloch Artheleon – Valhein
Wil•FS Fuzy – Zephys J i S o o – Arthur
WIL·FS ℓємση – Alice WP•Doal – Mina
WIL•Chinitoz – Lauriel ҡɱт-sℓυsнii – Diao Chan

The third game was a lopsided affair in favor of the veteran organization WIL Ruthless. They were able to secure god-tier meta picks such as Superman, Alice, and Lauriel. Team BlakPink went for a composition that centered around two carry picks of Valhein and Butterfly.

WIL Ruthless went all-in early game after securing an early kill before two minutes had passed. WIL continued to harass and get kills in every lane through rotations from Superman and Zephys. Team BlakPink tried to answer this and equalize the game, managing two kills and bringing the score to 2-5

Unfortunately, WIL Ruthless continued to snowball and gained the clear advantage. WIL Ruthless’ Superman also gave BlakPink’s carries a hard time in initiating fights. WIL eventually captured the win at eight minutes with a score of 17-2.

Winner: WIL Ruthless
MVP: WIL·FS ℓємση (Alice, 1-0-13 KDA, 14.4 MVP)

Match 4: Tribu Nemesis vs. Yggdrasil Imperious

Tribu Nemesis Yggdrasil Imperious
Lauriel Kil’Groth
Tribu Nemesis Yggdrasil Imperious
● W̶̶i̶̶s̶̶h̶ Do ● – Superman ʏɢɢ• нєχ – Zephys
α̶̶к̶̶α̶̶ѕ̶̶н̶̶ι̶ – Kriknak ʏɢɢ• 2 3 – Preyta
よ し ま ろ – Maloch ʏɢɢ•үυιιтsυ – Alice
ѕтαявσαя∂ – Thane ʏɢɢ•zσσм – Lu Bu
ViperQueen – Chaugnar ʏɢɢ•Warners – Xeniel

Yggdrasil Imperious and Tribu Nemesis fought in the fourth game of the tournament. Both teams made amazing picks, clearly having game plans as they went into the game.

In the early game, both teams tried to find openings by constantly rotating until Tribu Nemesis scored first blood at the 2-minute mark. However, Yggdrasil answered back with a few kills of their own to bring the score to 1-3.

Tribu Nemesis was unable to bounce back after that. They faltered in most of their team fights, Yggdrasil dictating the whole game’s tempo. Yggdrasil went on to destroy all three turrets in both the middle and Abyssal Dragon lanes. With this huge advantage, Yggdrasil wiped Tribu out and destroyed their core, finishing the game with a score of 1-18.

Winner: Yggdrasil Imperious
MVP: ʏɢɢ•үυιιтsυ (Alice, 2-0-13 KDA, 14.3 MVP)

Match 6: EnemyE-Sports vs. ESF.MAYHEM

EnemyE-Sports ESF.MAYHEM
Lauriel Superman
EnemyE-Sports ESF.MAYHEM
є๓ץ}MariJuana – Alice ᴇᏕғ•RR – Kil’Groth
є๓ץ} Flight! – Airi PapaDeep – Preyta
ᴇᶰᴅ• M – Xeniel ESF.Gracia – Cresht
є๓ץ} miⒸro – Slimz ESF. Fluke – Maloch
є๓ץ} ₛₜᵢfₗₑᵣʳʳ – Zephys ᴇᏕғ•Larry – Kriknak

The final match of the day was between Eurasia Superfly and EnemyE-Sports. Both teams went for safe but powerful meta picks.

The early game was a slugfest for both teams, they able to secure kill after kill, Enemy E-Sports only holding a slight lead. It went in favor of Enemy E-Sports by the 8-minute mark when they won a team fight with 3 kills.

EnemyE-Sports continued to pull away in the later stages of the game until they destroyed the DS and Abyssal Dragon (AD) lane high ground towers. With the defense of Eurasia Superfly crumbled, EnemyE-Sports pushed them to the core to cap off the final victory of the day.

Winner: EnemyE-Sports
MVP: є๓ץ} ₛₜᵢfₗₑᵣʳ (Zephys, 10-1-13 KDA, 17.2 MVP)

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About the Tournament:

Hosted by Kaisaya, a well known Philippine shout-caster, the AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament is a community-based online event which provides a platform for professional and amateur teams to showcase their skills and experience an official-esque environment. This event also gives aspiring English shoutcasters the opportunity to hone their craft and build their portfolio for casting.


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