Arena of Valor (AoV) - Abyssal Dragon Lane Guide

Learn the basics of pushing through and controlling the Abyssal Dragon lane. The Abyssal Dragon lane is an important location in the map when trying to control the enemy's access to the powerful dragon from which the lane gets its name.

Abyssal Dragon Lane Game Flow

What is the Abyssal Dragon Lane?

The “Abyssal Dragon Lane” refers to the side lane which the Abyssal Dragon can be found near. This is occasionally called the bottom, or ‘bot’, lane as well. Since Arena of Valor flips the map so that players are always starting from the left, however, the lane is not necessarily at the bottom of the map.

Abyssal Dragon Kraydus
The Abyssal Dragon is marked by the following icon. Players can easily find the Abyssal Dragon’s location by locating the mark on the map, no matter which side of the map they start on.

Arena of Valor Abyssal Dragon Mark

Why is it Sometimes Called the Bottom Lane?

Arena of Valor is a MOBA game similar to other titles like League of Legends and Dota 2. Both of these games have a similar layout, though it generally does not flip as it does in Arena of Valor. Additionally, League of Legend has a creature similar to the Abyssal Dragon in a similar location near the bottom lane. Finally bot matches will orient the match so that the Abyssal Dragon is near the bottom lane as well. As such, many consider the Abyssal Dragon lane to be the ‘default’ bot lane.

Which Hero should go to the Abyssal Dragon Lane?

A marksman and a hero that can support them are best suited for the Abyssal Dragon lane in duo lane meta. The dragon can be taken out quickly with the marksman’s help, making it easier to defeat it when the opportunity arises. Marksman heroes are very vulnerable when alone, so it can be helpful to have a hero that can protect them. Just keep in mind that any hero, even tanks, should avoid playing too aggressively in the early game since they are quite fragile without items.

Early Game

Arena of Valor Early Game Abyssal Dragon

When two heroes are laning together in the abyssal dragon lane, killing minions might not give enough experience to quickly level. This can be partially overcome by killing the Seagle together for some extra experience. Keeping control of the bird will ensure that you and your ally gain an advantage in the lane.

When There’s One Opponent

If there’s only one opponent in the lane, play aggressively and push the lane. The opponent will have a hard time landing last hits when the tower is knocking down the minions as well. Kill the blue scout bird as soon as it shows up. If the opponent gets out from under their tower to attack minions, focus on attacking them. Minions are easy to kill with a numbers advantage, so harass the enemy often. Allowing the enemy minions to kill your minions will also lower the amount of gold and experience your opponent can get. Don’t get too carried away, staying pushed for too long will lure the enemy jungler or mid lane for a gank. If the opponent suddenly becomes aggressive, their team might be on their way to gank. Another time to be wary is when the Abyssal Dragon is about to spawn. There’s a chance the jungler will gank the lane to clear up a chance at the dragon.

When There are Two Opponents

When there are two opponents, aim for one whenever their ally isn’t nearby. The ally’s help in lane can give some a false sense of security, even after they wander away. The fight for the scout bird becomes more important when there are two heroes on each side, some players choosing punish as their talent just for this bird. Not only does this bird grant some gold and experience, but it scouts the enemy jungle. If both opponents disappear from the lane, they could be going for the dragon. This is a tough fight early game, so contesting it can lead to some easy kills.

When You are Alone

It’s not rare for two teammates to go to the Dark Slayer lane or focus on roaming instead of laning. If so, it’s best to play safe. Stay under the tower, picking off enemy minions whenever possible to farm up gold and experience. Not having to split the bounty will increase the rate at which your hero levels as well, making them a much stronger force in the mid-game.

Mid Game

The mid game usually starts after the tier one towers start falling. At this time, teams will more aggressively seek out the dragon and fights will become more aggressive. It becomes much easier to kill the dragon if the opponent’s Abyssal Dragon lane tower has been destroyed. Even mid game, there will usually be at least one person in the Abyssal Dragon lane due to the dragon’s high priority. It is best for tanks and supports, however, to focus on helping out their teammates at this time.

Late Game

The importance of the Abyssal Dragon decreases as the game goes on. Winning team fights is much more important at this stage of the game, so stick with your team rather than your lane. Just be careful of the enemy minions, as they can easily destroy towers if ignored.

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