Arena of Valor Valiant Online Community Tournament - Day 2 Round Up

Day 2 roundup of Kaisaya's Arena of Valor (AoV) Online Community Tournament featuring different pro and non-pro teams from SEA server.

Day 2 of the AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament is in the books, and it continued to showcase the high-level of competition between the participating teams. Here are the highlights from Day 2’s matches:

AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament Day 2

Match 1: NovaPH Tsuyoi vs. ExTW


ExTW NovaPH Tsuyoi
Murad Zephys
ExTW NovaPH Tsuyoi
Pingu – Zill Psycho – Xeniel
jacky – Superman Shuri – Nakroth
Kuro – Kahlii “Larrion” – Alice
Verde – Lumburr Crushed – Kil’Groth
“TN” – Ryoma PL Emperor – Jinnar

NovaPH Tsuyoi tried to establish early jungle control over ExTW, but ExTW was able to thwart their attempts. Undeterred, NovaPH took an early Abyssal Dragon 2 minutes into the action to gain a small gold lead.

After 4 minutes of action, NovaPH managed to get two kills in a clash near ExTW’s Sage Golem before taking another Abyssal Dragon. This was followed by a complete route of the outer two Abyssal Dragon (AD) lane towers.

NovaPH then secured Dark Slayer after 10 minutes of play and continued to steamroll through ExTW’s mid lane, resulting in a complete rout of the defending team.

Ultimately, NovaPH dictated the pace of the match all game. This is thanks in large part to a relatively smooth control of the Abyssal Dragon and enemy jungle. Their efforts lead to a decisive 10-1 win.

Winner: NovaPH Tsuyoi
MVP: PL Emperor (Jinnar, 3-0-7 KDA; 14.3 MVP)

Match 2: Dominus Knights vs. ZodiaC

Dominus Knights ZodiaC
Murad Superman
Dominus Knights ZodiaC
Moon – Xeniel Roborov – Lauriel
ᴰᴷ ղմʍҍɑաɑղ – Zephys zFerpitou – Airi
ᴰᴷ♧ρнḯ. ρнσєиḯ- Chaugnar “zC∆no돼지” – Alice
ᴰᴷ ᴡᴜsʜᴜ – Violet WildNFree – Cresht
Zerf19 – Arthur zCrit- Kil’Groth

Dominus Knights and ZodiaC started things off by playing cautiously and scouting each other in-lane. Their respective junglers were quick to level up and began to provide the necessary pressure to the lanes.

A fight broke out at the Abyssal Dragon at 3:34. ZodiaC was able to get the objective, but Dominus netted the honors of First Blood. ZodiaC’s Airi was quick to retaliate, coming off with a double kill and winning the clash.

Another Abyssal Dragon clash at 5:43 went in favor of ZodiaC, who were able to score a kill on Dominus’ Arthur. This was followed by an Ace near Dominus’ Might Golem, with Roborov getting a quad kill on Dominus around the 7:30 mark.

Dominus managed to get the first tower in the AD lane, but ZodiaC soon answered back by blitzing the lane and counter-pushing to knock down ZodiaC’s tower in retaliation. 11 minutes in, ZodiaC secured Dark Slayer and marched down the middle lane, winning a final clash with an ace and a dominating the game with a 17-3 win.

Winner: ZodiaC
MVP: Roborov (Lauriel – 6-0-10 KDA; 16.4 MVP)

Match 3: Nova S vs. Enemy E-Sports Electric

Nova S Enemy E-Sports Electric
Maloch Zephys
Nova S Enemy E-Sports Electric
Chiki – Xeniel YBRGX – Lumburr
Chivas – Lu Bu 一个小时 – Kil’Groth
Mcdohl – Alice Xhibit – Arduin
staGGer – Violet Firew@ll – Jinnar
Shitiao – Lauriel JOSEPH – Slimz

Nova S and Enemy E-Sports Electric started their match by jockeying for position and protecting their respective jungles. Enemy E-Sports Electric managed to catch Mcdohl in the middle brush to grab First Blood.

This led to a clash at Abyssal Dragon, which saw Enemy E-Sports pick off Shitiao’s Lauriel and secure the objective. At 3:50, Enemy engaged on Shitiao’s Lauriel near Dark Slayer, netting another kill for a 3-0 Kill lead. Nova S retaliated by pushing the middle lane to get the first tower.

Another Abyssal Dragon clash at 5:37 went in favor of Enemy E-Sports with JOSEPH’s Slimz getting a triple kill and securing the Abyssal Dragon for his team. Afterward, staGGer fell victim to a Lumburr takedown courtesy of YBRGX. Enemy then acquired the Dark Slayer buff and brought the fight to Nova S’s base, destroying both middle and AD lane high ground towers in the process. Nova S was successful in defending against the siege but were then stuck defending their base.

A mid-game clash saw Nova S withstanding a good 3-man ultimate from Lumburr near the Dark Slayer lane. However, Enemy’s Kil’Groth was already too strong and managed to rout Nova S’s remaining players for the ace. With Nova S’s death timers close to 0, Kil’Groth tried to take down Nova’s core by himself, but to no avail. However, Enemy E-Sports secured Dark Slayer not long after and finally vanquished Nova S with a 5-man ultimate from Lumburr to get the win.

In the end, Enemy E-Sports Electric won the match 21-10 thanks to excellent plays picking off Nova S’s carries and support heroes.

Winner: Enemy E-Sports Electric
MVP: Firew@ll (Jinnar – 6-2-11 KDA; 12.9 MVP)

Match 4: Tribu Defiance vs. SteelWolves.Dire

SteelWolves.Dire Tribu Defiance
Kil’Groth Superman
SteelWolves.Dire Tribu Defiance
sw.i – Lu Bu ѕησяℓαχ – Alice
sw.モᶰʲε- Lumburr Vn Cui Nua – Lauriel
sw. Blaze – Zanis Hopeャ- Kriknak
sw.ʷᵒᵒᵈˢᵗᵒᶜᵏˢ – Zephys LLNI – Maloch
sw.ᵏᵃìˡᵒᶰ – The Joker BG – Xeniel

The match between SteelWolves and Tribu Defiance started off with a stalemate near the Dark Slayer pit. This led to Steelwolves making a beeline for Abyssal Dragon, securing it and managing to kill Tribu’s Xeniel.

SteelWolves then tried to camp at the Dark Slayer lane, leading to another clash. However, Tribu was able to win the clash 3-2 thanks to good positioning from Lauriel and Kriknak to avoid SteelWolves’ crowd control as they burst down the opponents’ HP; Steelwolves were able to get back at them by picking off the low health Lauriel and Kriknak afterward.

A three-man gank against Tribu’s Maloch at the DS lane saw Tribu siege the middle lane with the hopes of destroying the first tower. SteelWolves were quick to respond and the resulting clash resulted in a 1-1 exchange between the teams.

SteelWolves then pressed forward by pressuring the mid and AD lanes. This led to them destroying Tribu’s first towers in both the mid and AD lanes. Afterward, SteelWolves managed to secure Dark Slayer for a commanding gold lead. A sloppy push in the mid and AD lanes by SteelWolves saw Tribu defending their siege and killing BlazE in the process.

A solid Lumburr ultimate at 11:09 was thwarted by Tribu’s Lauriel and Xeniel who managed to stop the siege but at the expense of losing the high ground towers at the DS and AD lanes. The final clash saw SteelWolves engage Tribu’s mid lane and take a 1-for-Ace win to seal the deal on their way to a 19-9 victory.

Winner: SteelWolves.Dire
MVP: sw.ᵏᵃìˡᵒᶰ (The Joker – 5-0-9 KDA; 15.0 MVP)

Match 5: Dominus Knights II vs. YONKOS E-SPORTS

YONKOS E-SPORTS Dominus Knights II
Kil’Groth Nakroth
YONKOS E-SPORTS Dominus Knights II
wtfak – Preyta phs*яαɖเąŋт父 – Superman
[AI] Nakroth – Ryoma βenj- Xeniel
Yohann – Lumburr ᵖʰˢ*ҡเɳɠ – Maloch
Bakulaw – Cresht Cookie – Lauriel
DK – Arthur Bagzik – Zephys

YONKOS and Dominus Knights II’s game started slow, each player feeling out and trying to out-farm their respective lane opponents. At 2:19, Zephys and Xeniel from Dominus tried to get First Blood on Cresht, but the latter was able to get back to his tower. Meanwhile, YONKOS took advantage of the gank attempt to secure Abyssal Dragon. An ill-timed ultimate from Lumburr saw him get picked off by Dominus Knights handily, giving the team First Blood.

A clash broke at the Abyssal Dragon pit at 5:20 in favor of Dominus Knights, they securing the Dragon and killing Lumburr yet again. In response, Bakulaw’s Cresht and [AI] Nakroth took down Xeniel and Lauriel in the Might Golem side of YONKOS’ jungle in quick fashion.

YONKOS then followed up by quickly dispatching Maloch mid lane at 6:43. Dominus was quick to respond, however, thanks in large part to a timely Xeniel ultimate which was complemented by Superman’s crowd control and Lauriel’s burst, resulting in 3 kills for Dominus.

At 8:13 YONKOS tried to pick off Lauriel mid lane, but Xeniel and Zephys were quick to aid their teammate with well-executed crowd control abilities to vanquish [AI] Nakroth’s Ryoma and Yohann’s Lumburr.

Ultimately, Dominus Knight II proved to have the better team composition. Their line-up boasted a ton of crowd control along with exceptional magic and physical damage which was able to sway most team fights in their favor, allowing them the big 26-7 win.

Winner: Dominus Knights II
MVP: Cookie (Lauriel – 12-1-13 KDA; 18.0 MVP)

Match 6: RagePhantom vs. EVO

RagePhantom EVO
Xeniel Maloch
RagePhantom EVO
Sky – Violet Nab – Preyta
FGN – Mina SGx PRL – Airi
Triple H!!! – Superman Y Qt – Cresht
Black – Chaugnar SGx RB – Ryoma
Zeph – Arthur SGx PRRIN – Kil’Groth

The final match for Day 2 of the AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament saw RagePhantom battle EVO. EVO began the match strong, opting to invade the Might Golem in RagePhantom’s jungle. RagePhantom was quick to adjust by heading towards EVO’s Might Golem.

EVO was also quick to rotate and managed to secure Abyssal Dragon at 2:17 while RagePhantom managed to take Spirit Sentinel. This was followed up by a successful invade, they stealing another Might Golem.

Another jungle invasion from EVO led to them nabbing First Blood at the 4:19 mark, resulting in a 2-0 lead. This was then followed up with another Abyssal Dragon kill, furthering their gold lead. Positional errors from RagePhantom resulted in them being unable to contest the constant invasions made by EVO.

EVO’s exceptional invasions, great rotation, and overall map control proved to be the deciding factors for them, granting them a well-deserved 12-2 victory.

Winner: EVO
MVP: Nab. (Preyta – 3-0-5 KDA; 13.1 MVP)

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About the Tournament:

Hosted by Kaisaya, a well known Philippine shoutcaster, the AOV Valiant Online Community Tournament is a community-based online event which provides a platform for professional and amateur teams to showcase their skills and experience an official-esque environment. This event also gives aspiring English shoutcasters the opportunity to hone their craft and build their portfolio for casting.

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