Pokemon Sword and Shield - Total Number of Gyms Reported to be 18

According to reports, 18 gyms will appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield. These 18 gyms are also reported to be split into two leagues.

Minor League and Major League Gyms

Pokemon Sword and Shield may have among the largest number of total gyms out of all the games in the Pokemon franchise. According to Serebii.net, there will be 18 gyms in the game, which will be split into a minor league and a major league.

However, the official Sword and Shield website indicates that you can only collect eight Gym Badges in Galar. This could mean that there will be eight major league gyms and the other ten will be part of the minor league. Check out our “What is the Gym Challenge?” page to find out more about participating in gym battles.

It is currently unknown if the minor league is optional, but we assume that you need to win in minor league gyms to get into the major league.

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