Death Stranding - Character List

List of different characters in Death Stranding. This includes characters from Bridges, Fragile Express, and Homo Demens.



Name of Character Description
Sam The protagonist of Death Stranding, he serves as a deliveryman for Bridges.
Amelie An affiliate of Bridges and the next president of the United Cities of America.
Die-Hardman A high-ranking official in the company, Die-Hardman was one of the people who gave the Sam the task to travel America from east to west.
Deadman A mysterious man whose role in Bridges is currently unknown.
Heartman A researcher for the Bridges company whose heart stops every 21 minutes. He has 3 minutes in “the other side” to search for his family after he gets revived by an AED strapped to his chest.
Mama Mama has a beached thing daughter born from “the other side.” She and her daughter are connected through an ethereal umbilical cord which traps her inside the Bridges compound.

Fragile Express

Name of Character Description
Fragile A young woman affiliated with Fragile Express, a rumored rival of Bridges. Fragile helps Sam at some point in the story, offering him a job to continue surviving.

Homo Demens

Name of Character Description
Higgs One of the antagonists in Death Stranding and a member of the Homo Demens, a militant separatist group. He is also known as the “Man in the Golden Mask.”

Other Characters

Name of Character Description
Cliff Otherwise known as the Mysterious Soldier, Cliff is the antagonist and serves as Sam’s rival.
Death Stranding - BridgetBridget The previous president of the United Cities of America. She was the first to have the dream of reuniting the cities of America.
Ludens Fan One of the preppers that Sam encounters during his visit to the bunker. Ludens fan is a supporter of Ludens, a race of humanoid beings whose mental ability surpasses humans.
musician death strandingMusician A prepper in the east part of Port Knot City. He asks Sam to bring to him his old, lost sound system.

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