Death Stranding - What is the Chiral Network?

Considered as the spiritual successor of the internet, the Chiral Network serves as a bridge between cities in the world of Death Stranding.

The Chiral Network

Chiral Network

Bridget, the former president of the United Cities of America, dreamed of a country united again even after the disaster known as the death stranding left the land in shambles. She, along with the company called Bridges, developed a network that allows the remaining cities of America to communicate with each other. The Chiral Network forms a connection or “bridge” between cities, making them unified under one government controlling the network.


Q-Pid Necklace

Chiral Network Q-Pid

The Chiral Network is an essential element in Death Stranding’s gameplay as Sam relies on it to navigate around the map. Sam connects to the network using a Q-Pid necklace, an accessory that contains equations and coordinates to network-registered locations in the country.

Although it is not shown in previous gameplay clips, it is possible that the Q-Pid necklace can be used to fast travel to previously visited locations.

Unregistered Locations

Chiral Network Unregistered Locations

There are also certain locations on the map that are not registered in the network. Indicated by red lines, Sam can explore these areas to find any communities that may be around that he needs to visit.

Some locations are required to be explored for story-related purposes, while others are optional. Explore these if you want to do side missions and earn more likes or rewards.

If you register locations to your map, you will be able to see the items left behind by other players who’ve already visited the area. Read our “What are Likes?” article if you want to know more about this mechanic.

More information will be revealed regarding the Chiral Network as we are nearing Death Stranding’s release on November 8, 2019.

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