Death Stranding - What is the Death Stranding?

The death stranding is a mysterious phenomenon that happened during an unspecified time on earth. Learn more about it by reading our article on the phenomenon.

The Death Stranding Phenomenon

At an unspecified time, a supernatural event called the death stranding struck the earth. The phenomenon opened a one-way bridge from “the other side” to the earth which trapped or stranded ruthless creatures called beached things (BTs) who eat any living being on Earth.

the death stranding beached thing

An unknown type of beached thing

Along with the BTs, the death stranding also brought the timefall, a mysterious storm that can drastically speed up the aging process of living beings that come in contact with it.

the death stranding timefall

The effects of timefall

These strange creatures and unnatural disasters led to the world falling into ruin. Civilization was unable to cope with these strange events, which resulted in a loss of order as well as infrastructures and means of communication.

While it has not yet been revealed in any preview clips, it is possible that the people of America created separate and isolated communities out of the need to survive without one governing body.

Bridget, the then-president of the United Cities of America, sought to solve this problem by unifying the cities of America under the Chiral Network, a collection of servers and systems developed by a company called Bridges.

With the new network fully operational, the only thing left to do is to connect the remaining unregistered cities-a task that Sam is undertaking during the events of Death Stranding.

Term Origins

the death stranding term

A screenshot depicting a cetacean stranding as well as five mysterious figures floating in the air

The term “death stranding” came from cetacean stranding, a phenomenon where dolphins or whales strand themselves on shores or beaches. These beached cetaceans will often die due to starvation and dehydration since they cannot go back to the sea to get food or water.

The death stranding did a similar thing to the beached things. The strange event led to the BTs becoming unable to go back to “the other side.” However, instead of just dying of hunger, they were able to survive on the human side of the world by eating living beings.

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