Pokemon Sword and Shield - New Pokemon Anime Featuring Scorbunny Revealed

A new Pokemon anime season is coming on November 17. The season features Sword and Shield's Galar Region and Scorbunny, one of the newest starter Pokemon.

Ash’s New Adventure

After winning the Alolan Pokemon League championship in the recent Pokemon anime’s last episodes, Ash will be back to traveling the world in the new season coming to Japan November 17th. Its release date is set for two days after the launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield. It seems that Ash will be going to game’s Galar region for the anime.

Gou and Scorbunny

New Pokemon Anime Scorbunny

As seen in the promotional image above, Ash, who is sporting a new look, is joined in the center by Pikachu, Scorbunny, and a new companion trainer, Gou. Gou’s goal is to catch all the Pokemon listed in the National Pokedex. With the help of Ash, they will travel the world in order to fulfill Gou’s dream to “catch ’em all.”

A giant Pokeball surrounded by landmarks of previous game’s regions sits behind them. These include the Pokemon Mansion in the Kanto region, the Bell Tower from Johto, the volcano near Lavaridge Gym in Hoenn, Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh, the Skyarrow Bridge in Unova, the Prism Tower in Kalos, the Exeggutor Island in Alola, and the Elizabeth Tower-like tower in the Galar region.

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