Pokemon Sword and Shield - What is the Gym Challenge?

A description of the Gym Challenge in Pokemon Sword and Shield, including some currently known details and changes from previous generations..

Who’s Going To Be the Next Galar Champion?

Gym Challenge

In most games in the Pokemon series, gym battles are essential in progress through the story. You have to battle the strongest trainers in the city called Gym Leaders in order to collect the gym’s badge. Collecting all badges allows you to enter the Pokemon League, where you have a shot at becoming the Champion of the region.

The New Gym Challenge

Gym Challenge

While this format is still present in Sword and Shield, the developers changed the aesthetics of the gyms by making them resemble football stadiums.

Staying true to this look, trainers are seen wearing soccer uniforms during the gameplay clips shown by Nintendo. Players can also customize the three numbers that appear on their own uniform, adding a more personalized aspect to the new mechanic.

Trainers need to be endorsed by certain people like Gym Leader. In the case of the player and Hop, the current Champion Leon gives an endorsement to enter the Gym Challenge.

Pokemon League

After collecting eight badges from these gyms, players will be able to enter the Champion Cup. The cup determines which trainer will face the current Champion.

You will still need to defeat tough trainers who have also accomplished the Gym Challenge before fighting the champion Leon.


Gym Challenge

As seen in trailers, the gyms’ signboards are filled with corporate logos. Leon even has a few logos on his cap. The purpose of having sponsors is currently unknown. It hasn’t been confirmed if the player can have logos in their uniform as well.

Gym Challenge

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