Death Stranding - Sam Character Information

Character information for Sam, the protagonist in Death Stranding.


Sam The protagonist of Death Stranding, Sam is a deliveryman for Bridges who is tasked with continuing Amelie’s mission of connecting all cities in America through the Chiral Network and thereby creating a larger United Cities of America.

Even if he can’t see them, Sam can sense nearby beached things (BTs). If a human dies after being eaten by a BT, he or she will form a large crater known as a voidout. Sam can produce a voidout if he is eaten, but he can return from the dead even after forming one.

Additionally, the timefall, a deadly rain that can hasten the aging process of living beings, affects Sam differently. The rain’s effects on Sam have not yet been fully explained.

Sam is voiced by Norman Reedus (EN) and Kenjiro Tsuda (JP).

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