DARK SOULS 3 – Archdragon Peak

How to Get to Archdragon Peak

・Defeat Ocerios, the Consumed King to obtain the Path of the Dragon gesture.
・At Irithyll Dungeon, use the Path of the Dragon gesture next to the dragon where you found the Dragon Stone Torso. Wait for a few seconds.
・You will get a short cutscene and will be transported to Archdragon Peak.

Archdragon Peak

・Proceed along the left cliffside to find a Soul of a Weary Warrior.
・Along your way, you will come across 2 paths you can take. Head left then right for a Lightning Gem. Head left then left for 2 Homeward Bone.
・Up ahead you will find a lift to your right.
・Make your way up the path and to your right, you can find a Titanite Chunk by a rock.
・Light Archdragon Peak bonfire. Near the bonfire you can find an Ember.
・Go up the stairs to find a Soul of a Nameless Soldier.
・Before you go through the small gate you can find a Titanite Chunk to your left.
・Go through the gate and to your right you can find a Titanite Chunk.
・Take the stairs up to your right and near the large enemy you can find the Ancient Dragon Greatshield.

・To the left of the building you can find a path. Head down the path to find the Lightning Clutch Ring.
・Pull the lever to open the gate and enter the boss fight area.
・Defeat the boss for a Dragon Stone Head.

・Below the boss you can find a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior.
・Head left down the stairs to find 2 Ember and 6 Stalk Dung Pie.
・There will be an opening to the right and follow the ledge to find a Ring of Steel Protection.
・Head left and enter the building ahead.
・Before you enter the building, you can find a Soul of a Nameless Soldier to the right and 4 Lightning Urns to the left.
・Enter the building and take a left, then left again for Titanite Chunk. Take the ladder nearby down to find 2 Twinkling Titanite.
・Go up the stairs and take a left, then go up the stairs to the right. At the top you can find 2 Titanite Chunk to the right and 12 Lightning Blot to te left.
・Cross the bridge and take the ladder up.
・Make your way to the end to find 2 Twinkling Titanite.

Boss Fight Strategy

Ancient Wyvern

・Normal attacks will be pointless against it.
・Defeat it by jump attacking from a specific location onto its head and this will kill him in 1 hit.
・First, just run under him and enter the building to the left.
・Head left, then right up the stairs.
・Proceed foward and go up the ladder.
・Get to the end of the path and drop down onto a ledge.
・Make sure the dragons head is below you and not breathing fire. Jump and attack to grab onto its head and finish it.

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