DARK SOULS 3 – Undead Settlement

Until the Burning Tree

・A demon brings you to the Undead Settlement from High walls of Lothric.
・Light Foot of the High Wall bonfire.
・Go down the stairs and on the left walkway you can find a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse.
・After down the stairs, go to the direction where you spawned and loot for 2 Alluring Skull.
・As you get close to the group of dead pilgrims, Yoel of Londor will start talking to you. Talk to him and he will offer his service to you. IF you accept, he will be transported to Firelink Shrine.
・At the end of the road you can find 2 Homeward Bone.
・Return to the closed gate pull the lever in front of the gate.
・Light Undead Settlement bonfire inside a small hut.
・Proceed foward and head into the house with hanged dead bodies. One of the dead hanged bodies will hold a Small Leather Shield and can be looted by hitting the hanged body.
・Go down the stairs to find 2 Charcoal Pine Bundle.
・Go out the balcony and cut down the body holding an item for Lorett’s Bone.
・Go further down the balcony to find 2 Repair Powder.
・Go back inside and down the stairs to find 2 Charcoal Pine Bundle. Be aware for 3 arrow shooting hollows.
・Go outside and you will find a gang of hollows. Near the big burning tree you can find a Estus Shard and an Ember.

Dilapidated Bridge route

・You can find a Titanite Shard before entering the building.
・Go through a archway and open the door that leads to a dwelling.
・Go down the hole and up the stairs for a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse and 2 Charcoal Pine Resin.
・Drop down the hole near the Pine Resin to find Warriors of Sunlight Convenant.
・Go outside and you will find 2 hollows and a caster.
・Climb up the ladder where the caster was to loot a Titanite Shard.
・Enter the dwelling where the 2 hollows was to loot for a Whip.
・Go down the cliff near the barrier for a Titanite Shard.
・After you go through the barrier jump from the roof on the right for 2 Rusted Coin.
・Turn right towared a cliff to find a Crystal Lizard.
・Go into the building to trigger an invasion from Holy Knight Hodrick. Killing him will grant you a Vertebra Shackle.
・Go down where the Lizard was for Cliff Underside bonfire.
・Onto the meeting point

Right Bridge Route

・From the big burning tree, cross the bridge then go towards the right cliff instead of going into the stone building for a Fading Soul. Go up the ladder with leads onto the rooftop with arrow shooting hollows for 2 Homeward Bone and 6 Fire Bomb. At the edge of the building you can find a Plank Shield. Go further to find a Flame Stoneplate Ring.
・As you go into the building you can find a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse to your left.
・Open the door and go up the left hill for a Caduceus Round Shield.
・On top of the gallows you can find a Soul of an Unknown Traveler.
・On the very end of a ledge there will be a Fire Clutch Ring.
・Drop down from the stone bridge for a Titanite Shard.
・Continue along the ledge and into a room where for Cliff Underside bonfire.
・Go right up the stairs and shoot down the hanged body for a Partizan.
・Continue up the stairs and on the balcony you can find a Hand Axe.
・Talk to Cornyx to learn Pyromancies.
・Once you passed the barrier with fire bomb hollows next to a cabin located left there will be a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse.
・There will be a caster down the stairs.
・On the right side of the stairs leading to the church you can find an Ember.
・On the right bridge you can find an Ember.
・There will be a opening to for the sewers where the dogs are waiting.
・Cross the bridge and near the wooden cabin there will be a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse. Next to the cabin you can find 2 Alluring Skull.
・Go up the stairs to get into the church.


・Talk to Eygon of Carim.
・Once inside the church talk to Siegward of Catarina.
・Go up the elevator and talk to the giant. If you choose to be his friend he will give you a Young White Branch.
・Killing the giant will give you a Hawk Ring.
・Take the elevator which goes down for a Ember.
・Killing the Knight of the Boreal Valley will give you a Irithyll Straight Sword.
・Open the door to the Road of Sacrifices.


・In the sewers there will be a Caestus.
・In the fog there will be 2 rats and 1 giant rat hiding in it. Killing the giant rat will give you the Bloodbite Ring.
・Go up the ladder to open a door for a shortcut.

Meeting Point

・You can’t open the door across the bridge near the bonfire.
・If you go out in the open the giant will throw his spears at you. If you choosed to be his friend than he will only aim for the enemies.
・Around that area you can loot Fading Soul, Reinforced Club, Ember, 3 Young White Branch, Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse, Undead Bone Shard, Mortician’s Ashes, a Cleric Set and the Blue Wooden Shield. The Cleric Set is located near the cabin.
・Go into the building ahead and make your way up the stairs and jumo iver the ledge for the Great Scythe.
・Make your way foward for the church.

After the Boss Battle

・You can loot a Homeward Bone and a Wargod Wooden Shield in the underground area.
・Light Pit of Hollows bonfire.
・Travel to Dilapidated Bridge.
・Talk to Eygon of Carim.
・Open the door located at the basement of the church to go to Road of Sacrifices.

Boss Fight Strategy

・You can only give damage to it by aiming for the white eggs on it’s body.
・Hollows will have infinite spawns but should be ignored as the boss will most likely kill them.
・Once it makes a jumb be sure to dodge his slam as it will do cirtical damage.
・After you take some of its health the floor will collapse.
・Once you’re in the underground area an arm will appear from it’s body. Aim for both the eggs and the arm.
・The boss will put it’s arms on the floor before he does a spin attack so be ready.
・After the ground pound attack it stays still giving you a good chance to attack it.
・Defeating the boss will grant you Soul of Rotted Greatwood and the Transposing Kiln.


Irina of Carim Event

・Give the Shrine Handmaid the Mortician’s ashes.
・Buy the Grave Key from her.
・Go down the sewers.
・Open the locked door using the key you bought.
・Go right for a Loincloth and a statue of Velka the Goddess of Sin.
・Go left for a Red Hilted Halberd.
・Make a left through a doorway and after you deal with the skeletons you can find a Soul of an Unknown Traveler.
・Exit the doorway and you will find a Crystal Lizard to your right. 2 Titanite Shard near by.
・Go to the opposite direction of where the lizard was where you will find total of 7 rats. Inside the room there is a Saint’s Talisman.
・Go up the latter and talk to Irina of Carim. Choose touch to earn Prayer gesture. Talk to her again and she will return t the Firelink Shrine.

Siegward of Catarina Event

・Get of the elevator in the church while it is still rising to get on a platform.
・Talk to Siegward.
・Defeat the Fire Demon with Siegward and it will drop a Fire Gem. Talk to Siegward to recieve a Siegbrau and gestures Toast and Sleep.
・Walk along the left cliff to find a Large Club.
・There will be 2 hanging bodies which holds the Northern Set and a Pale Tongue.
・Walk along the right cliff for a Homeward Bone.
・Go inside the building and on the first floor you can find 2 Red Bug Pellet.
・On the second floor you can find 2 Alluring Skull and 4 Human Pine Resin in a chest.
・On the roof yo can find Flynn’s Ring.
・Drop down on a wooden scaffloding for 2 Homeward Bone.
・Enter the tower and drop down to the bottom floor to loot Mirrah set and an Chloranthy Ring inside a barrel.

NG+ items

・Life Ring +1 behind Siegward looking at the Fire Demon.
・Poisonbite Ring +1 left side of where the giant spears come flying.

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