DARK SOULS 3 – Simple Walkthrough

Cemetry of Ash
・Bonfire: Cemetry of Ash
・Boss: Index Gundyr
・Bonfire: Iudex Gundyr

Firelink Shrine
・Bonfire: Firelink Shirne

High Wall of Lothric
・Bonfire: High Wall of Lothric
・Bonfire: Tower on the Wall
・Convenants: Way of Blue
・Boss: Vortdt of the Boreal Valley
・Bonfire: Vordt of the Boreal Valley

Undead Settlement
・Bonfire: Foot of the High Wall
・Bonfire: Undead Settlement
・Convenants: Warriors of Sunlight
・Bonfire: Cliff Underside
・Bonfire: Dilapidated Bridge
・Boss: Curse-Rotted Greatwood
・Bonfire: Pit of Hollows

Road of Sacrifices
・Bonfire: Road of sacrifices
・Bonfire: Halfway Fortress
・Convenants: Blue Sentinels
・Bonfire: Crucifixion Woods
・Boss: Crystal Sage
・Bonfire: Crystal Sage
・Bonfire: Cathedral of the Deep
・Bonfire: Farron Keep

Cathedral of the Deep
・Bonfire: Cleansing Chapel
・Bonfire: Rosaria’s Bed Chamber
・Convenants: Rosaria’s Fingers
・Bonfire: Deacons of the Deep

Farron Keep
・Bonfire: Farron Keep
・Bonfire: Keep Ruins
・Bonfire: Old Wolf of Farron
・Convenants: Watchdogs of Farron
・Bonfire: Farron Keep Perimeter
・Boss: Abyss Watchers
・Bonfire: Abyss Watchers

Catacombs of Carthus
・Bonfire: Catacombs of Carthus
・Bonfire: Abandoned Tomb
・Boss: High Lord Wolnir
・Bonfire: High Lord Wolnir

Smouldering Lakes
・Bonfire: Demon Ruins
・Bonfire: Old King’s Antechamber
・Boss: Old Demon King
・Bonfire: Old Demon King

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
・Bonfire: Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
・Bonfire: Central Irithyll
・Bonfire: Church of Yorshka
・Bonfire: Distant Manor
・Boss: Pontiff Sulyvahn
・Bonfire: Pontiff Sulyvahn
・Bonfire: Water Reserve

Anor Londo
・Bonfire: Anor Londo
・Bonfire: Prison Tower
・Convenants: Blades of the Darkmoon
・Boss: Aldrich, Devourer of Gods
・Bonfire: Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

Irithyll Dungeon
・Bonfire:Irithyll Dungeon

Profaned Capital
・Bonfire: Profaned Capital
・Boss: Yohrm the Giant
・Bonfire: Yhorm the Giant
・Boss: Dancer of the Boreal Valley
・Bonfire: Dancer of the Boreal Valley

Lothric Castle
・Bonfire: Lothric Castle
・Bonfire: Dragon Barracks
・Boss: Dragonslayer Armor
・Bonfire: Dragonslayer Armor

Grand Archives
・Bonfire: Grand Archives
・Boss: Lorian, Elder Prince
・Boss: Lothric, Younger Prince
・Bonfire: Twin Princess

Consumed King’s Garden
・Boss: Ocerios, the Consumed King
・Bonfire: Ocerios, the Consumed King

Untended Graves
・Boss: Champion Gundyr
・Bonfire: Champion Gundyr

Archdragon Peak
・Bonfire: Archdragon Peak
・Boss: Ancient Wyvern

Dragon-kin Mausoleum
・Bonfire: Dragon-kin Mausoleum
・Boss: Nameless King
・Bonfire: Great Belfry

Kiln of the First Flame
・Bonfire: Flameles Shrine
・Boss: Soul of Cinder


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