DARK SOULS 3 Farron Keep

Area Information

・From Crucifixion Woods bonfire, go through the gate and down the ladder for Farron Keep bonfire.
・Walking in the swamp will give you poison.
・Watch out for the curse mist that the Basilisks make.

From the Farron Keep to the Dark Warith

・Go left from the Farron Keep bonfire.
・Items you can find going left.
Alongside the wall there is a Ragged Mask, Titanite Shard, and Stone Parma.
Near the fire there is a Titanite Shard. An Estus Shard is near a fallen tower.
At the island surround by trees there is 10 Prism Stone.
・Inside the building near where Dark Warith waits, there is the Sage Coal.

From the Dark Warith to Keep Ruins

・Near the fire under a pillar you can find 2 Titanite Shard.
・Climb up a remain of a stone bridge for a Great Sword. Go up the other side for a Purple Moss Clump.
・Near the Estus Soup you can find a Sunlight Talisman and the Wolf’s Blood Swordgrass. Go further near the fire for a Titanite Shard.
・In between the stone and a wall you can find the Nameless Knight Set.
・You will find a Undead Bone Shard surrounded by slugs.
・A Poison Gem can be found where the 3 Tree Mosters are. KIll the one to the left for the Black Bow of Pharis. Kill the one to the right for Pharis’s Hat.
・On a mushroom staight ahead you can find Sage’s Scroll.
・Kill the giant crab for the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring.
・Around that area you can find 6 Gold Pine Bundle, Large SOul of an Unknown Traveler, Ember, Soul of a Nameless Soldier, Crown of Dusk and 2 Young White Branch.
・Under the platform which you can climb there is a Titanite Shard.
・Go inside the structure for Keep Ruins bonfire.

From Keep Ruins to Farron Keep

・Near the Basilisks you can find a Repair Powder.
・Go inside the cave for a Golden Scroll. Inside the chest you will find the Antiquated Set.
・Walk clockwise along the wall for a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier.
・At the circular place surrounded by rocks there is another Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier.
・Walk along the stone wall for the Iron Flesh. On the land near it you can also find 3 Purple Moss Clump.
・Locations of the 3 Fires.
・From the Farron Keep bonfire, go left and up the stairs to find the fire. You can also find 2 Homeward bone and a Rusted Coin.
・From the Farron Keep bonfire, go right and up the stairs to find the fire. You can also find 2 Rotten Pine Resin.
・From the Keep Ruins bonfire, walk over the bridge to find the fire. You can also find 2 Purple Moss Clump.

Old Wolf of Farron

・Go up the ladder near the Estus Soup to find a Crystal Lizard. Defeat it for a Twinkling Titanite. As soon as you go up the stairs you can find a illusory wall to the right. You can find the Dreamchaser’s Ashes.
・Light Old Wolf of Farron Bonfire.
・Talk to the wolf for the Legion Etiquette gesture and Watchdogs of Farron Convenant.
Use the elevator and go up the stairs.
・Go right and drop down fron the broken fence onto a platform. Continue left to find a Crystal Lizard. Defeat it for a Heavy Gem. Proceed foward for another Crystal Lizard. Defeat it for a Large Titanite Shard. Also in that area you can find the Lightning Spear and the Dragon Crest Shield. Go further for another Crystal Lizard that will drop a Large Titanite Shard. Go up the stairs back to the previous location.
・Go left and you will encounter a Stray Demon. Watch out for his grab attack as it can be deadly. Defeat it for the Soul of a Stray Demon. At that area you can find a Great Axe and 2 Ember.

Abyss Watcher

・From Keep Ruins bonfire, go down the bridge and straight ahead you will see the door.
・As you enter through the door you can find a Shriving Stone.
・Inside the ruins you can find the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire. Go further into the ruins and you will find a Giant Crystal Lizard. Defeat it for 2 Titanite Scale. Go further for the Great Magic Weapon. Open the door to unlock a shorcut to the Road of Sacrifices.
・On your way back to the bonfire, drop down from the left to a wooden area and there you can find the Atonement and a Hollow Gem.
・Go back to the bonfire and out into the wooden area and you will find 2 Dark Wariths. You can find an Ember and a3 Black Bug Pellet near them.
・In front of the boss room you can find the summon sign of Black Hand Gotthard. Summon him for the By My Sword Gesture.
・Open the door for the boss fight. Defeat the boss to earn Cinders of a Lord and Soul of the Blood of the Wolf.

Boss Fight Strategy

・You will only find 1 Abyss Watcher at first, but as time passes more will spawn.
・There are two types of watchers that spawn. One will fight alongside with the watcher and the other will fight against the watcher. The first watcher that spawns wil be hostile to the player.
・The spawned watchers has the same motion as the original one but has lower health.
・Once you defeat the original watcher, he will come back alive in Ember form with a fire enhanced sword.
・The watcher has a low poie\se and is best to be agressive against him.


・Dark Spirit Londor Plae Shade will invade. Defeat him for the Manikin Claws.
・Dark Spirit Yellowfinger Heysel will invade. Defeat him for the Heysel Pick and the Xanthous Crown.

NG+ Items
・Magic Stoneplate Ring +1 at the right of the Farron Keep bonfire near the Basilisks.
Wolf Ring +1 Outside the Keep Ruins bonfire building.

NG++ Items

・Dark Stoneplate Ring +2 behind the building where you encounter 3 hollows near the Keep Ruins bonfire.

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