DARK SOULS 3 -Consumed King’s Garden

Until the Boss Fight

・Go up the ladder near the Dancer of the Boreal Valley bonfire.
・Go left and head outside.
・The door to the right can’t be opened yet. ※1
・Go down the stairs and you can find a Soul of a Weary Warrior
・Go further and you will see a lift.
・If you go down you will reach Consumed King’s Garden.
・You can get off the rift while it’s going down. If you go right you will find a Estus Shard. If you go left you will find a Titanite Chunk.
・Go all the way down on the lift.
・To your right you can find the Ring of Sacrifice.
・Below the bridge ahead you can loot the Shadow Set, 2 Black Fire Bombs, and a Claw.
・Inside the toxic swamp ahead you can find a Human Pine Resin.
・Inside the toxic swamp at the left end you can find the Dark Gem.
・Go up the staris on the left for a Titanite Chunk.
・At the right end you can find 2 Human Pine Resin, and a Titanite Chunk.
・There is a building you can enter at the right end. Go up the elevator and drop down halfway onto a ledge. Take the stairs down for the Dragonscale Ring.
・Go up the staris and enter the building. Straight ahead you can find a Titanite Scale. Go up the stairs and near the door you can find a Titanite Chunk. Open the door to unlock a shortcut. ※1

・Make your way through the toxic swamp, up the staris, and proceed foward to reach the Ocerios, the Consumed King boss fight.

・Light Ocerios, the Consumed King bonfire.

Boss Fight Strategy

Ocerios, the Consumed King

・A dragon with no scale wielding a staff.
・His attacks in his first phase are all sluggish, and can be safely faught if you stay below him.
・Staying below him for too long will cause him to perform jump and stomp attacks so be sure to dodge them.
・When he raises his staff in the air he will create a ice cloud around him. Stay in range of him to avoid it.

・Once dealing some damage to him, he will let go of his staff and enter his second phase. Try attacking him just as he is entering his second phase as he is defenceless at that time.
・At his second phase we will be walking on all 4 legs and have a completely new attack motion.
・His attack speed and attack range is greatly increased making it harder for you to attack him.
・When he staris flying he will breath out ice towards the ground so dodge sideways.
・Like before, it is safe to stay under him, especially behind him. But can’t dodge some attack such as the roll attack.
・You can defeat him being super agressive but with some risk.

NG+ Items

Wood Grain Ring +1 go all the way down the first elevator and behind it is the ring.

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