DARK SOULS 3 – Kiln of the First Flame

Reaching the Boss

  • Places the ashes of the lords of cinder on ther thrones.
  • After speaking to the Firekeeper, activate the bonfire to enter a cutscene.
  • Once the cutscene is over you will be transported to Kiln of the First Flame.
  • Right in front of you is the Fireless Shrine bonfire.
  • Go outside and activate the bonfire. You will be transported to Kiln of the First Flame.
  • Head up the path and you will reach the boss area.


Boss fight Strategy

Soul of Cinder

At his first phase, he will be switching between 4 weapons.

Dealing some damage to him will make be on his knees. At this time he is guardless so be sure not to miss this chance.


Straight Sword Moveset

  • His main attack will be swinging his sword.
  • After he finishes his combo attack is your best chance of attacking him. Get some hits on him, and then be ready for his next move.
  • Once he wields fire to his sword he will first use a shoulder tackle then perform a sipn attack. Attack him after his spin attack.
  • His moves are very simple, and will be the easiest moveset to deal with once you get use to it.


Curved Sword (Pyromancy) Moveset

  • His main attacks will be his sword attacks and pyromancies using fireballs and creating poison fogs.
  • His sword attacks are very fast making it difficult to dodge them. Try guarding.
  • Once he has fire in his hands he will throw a fireball at you or use the Power Within boosting his attacks. It takes some time for him to cast the spell and will give you a chance to attack him after he finishes casting.
  • Once he extends both of his hands he will create a poison mist. He is guradless at this time and is your best chance of dealing great damage to him. The damage caused by the poison mist is very little and should not be worried about.


Staff (Sorceries) Moveset

  • His main attacks will be casting Sorceries.
  • Most of the sorceries he casts can be easily dodged by staying close to him.
  • However the homing souls can be a pain as once he casts them it will stay there for a while making it hard for you to attack him. Even if he changes weapons the homing souls will stay.


Lance (Miracles) Moveset

  • His main attacks are with his great lance.
  • It will make it harder for you to heal as his attack range is quite long.
  • To dodge his thrust attaxks try rolling sideways.


Once he looses all his HP we will cause an explosion and regenerate all his health.

In his seccond range his attack speed as well as range will be improved.


Main Attack

  • Just like his straight sword moveset, he will perform a combo attack and after his attack will be your chance of attacking him.


Lunge Attack

  • If you are within some range from it he will use it. Roll sideways to dodge it.



  • It will take most of your stamina. Don’t try to attack him after he does it.


Grab Attack

  • Once he swings his left arms he will them perform his grab attack. It can’t be guarded and has very high damage, but if dodged, you will be able to buy some time to attack him.


5 Hit Combo

  • Once he holds his sword straight he will perform the 5 hit combo. It will launch you in the air them smashyou to the ground. If you get hit by the launch motion you will most likely die as once hit you will not be able to dodge the rest. The final smash also causes an explosion so stay away from him when he performs this.

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