DARK SOULS 3 -Untended Graves

Reaching Untended Graves Bonfire

・From Ocerios, the Consumed King bonfire open the doors behind it.
・Enter the room and you will find a vessel with the Path of The Dragon gesture.
・The chest on your left contains the Titanite Scale.
・At the back of the room there is another chest. Inside the chest is a Titanite Scale.
・Behind this chest is an illusory wall.
・Drop down to find the Untended Graves bonfire.

Reaching the Boss Fight

・Head straight down the path from the bonfire to find the Hollow Gem.
・Take a left and head down the path to find the Ashen Estus Ring.
・Straight ahead next to the vessel you can find the Soul of a Crestfallen Knight.
・Theres 3 paths you can take from the vessel.

・Take a right to find a Titantie Chunk.
Go through the water and you will find 2 Giant Crysal Lizards. Defeat them for 2 Titanite Scale.

・Take a left and up the stairs for a Titanite Chunk.

・Go straight and down the path. As you proceed you will be invaded by Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild.
・Drop down from the corner on the left path to find the Hidden Blessing.

・Enter the arena to activate the boss fight.
・In front of the boss room you can find Sword Masters summon sign.
・By the broken wall at the arena you can find the Black Knight Glaive.

After the Boss Fight

・Light Champion Gundyr bonfire.
・Open the door to proceed.
・Head down the right cliffisde to find the Hornet Ring.
・Head down the left cliffside to find the Chaos Blade.
・At the top you will find the Soul of a Crestfallen Knight.

・Enter the Firelink Shrine.
・You can find the Coiled Sword Fragment where the bonfire is supposed to be.
・You can find the Blacksmith Hammer where Andre would be.
・Head to the spot where Yoel would be to find the Hollow Ashes.
・From where Andre usually is, head right, then right again and the wall in front of you is an illusory wall. Inside it you can find the Eyes of a Fire Keeper.

Boss Fight Strategy

Champion Gundyr

He is a stonger version of the Index Gundyr.
・The attack motion before he enters his second phase is mostly the same as Index Gundyr.
・Your best chance of attacking him is after his slam attack.
・If you need to heal keep back rolling until you are within some range from him.

・Deal some damage to him and he will enter his second phase.
・He will now have new attack motions and will constantly be attacking making it much harder to attack him.
・Like before, your chance of attacking him is after his slam attack.
・If you are able to get a few hits on him in a short amount of time he will be on his knees. When he is, you wil be dealing much more damage to him as usual.
・He is weak against lightning.

NG+ Items

Ring of Steel Protection +1 behind the tower that is unlocked with the tower key.

NG++ Items

Life Ring +3 behind the thrones of Holy King Lothric.

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