DARK SOULS 3 -Profained Capital

Until the Toxic Swamp

・Near the Profained Capital bonfire, you can find an Undead Bone Shard and the Stretch Out Gesture.
・Get out of the tower from the opening first floor.
・Walk around the tower to the left and go up the ladder for 2 Rusted Coin.
・Head to the building located right side of where the ladde is. Jump over the hole ahead for a Crystal Lizard. Defeat it for a Twinkling Titanite.
・Head to the hallway on the left for a Crystal Lizard. Defeat it for a Twinkling Titanite. Make a right, than a left, and left again for a Rusted Gold Coin.
・Go to the opposite side of where the Rusted Gold Coin to get out of the building. Set out onto the plank ledge and make a right for 3 Purple Moss Clump.
・Drop down.
・Soon as you drop down you can find a Purging Stone.
・Go into the alcove to find a Poison Gem and a Cursebite Ring.

・To the left you can find a Shriving stone.
・Go into the building on the left side. Defeat the hand monster for a Eleonora. PAss the monster you can find 3 Purging Stone against the far wall.

・Leave the building and go up the ladder.
・Enter the small building on the right side and you can find the Court Sorcerer Set. Go further the building to find a mimic. Defeat it for a Court Sorcerer’s Staff.
・Go down the stairs for a Rubbish.

・Go out the building to where you entered it, and head right then right again to go up the stairs.
・On top of the roof to your right you can find an hostile NPC. Defeat him for the Logan’s Scroll.
・Along the roof you can find 18 Poison Arrow.
・Drop down from the window into the building for Warth of Gods.

・Go back on the roof and jump over the stairs into an opening and there you cn find Siegward. If you have the Old Cell Key you can free him.
・Talk to Siegward for a Titanite Slab. Inside the room you can find the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring.

・Back to the stairs that leads to the roof, this time go left and you will find the Jailer’s Key Ring. If you go further you will reach the area where the giant was. Use the key to open the locked cells in Irithyll Dungeon.

Reaching the Boss

・Go down the ladder near the Profained Capital bonfire.
・While you cross the bridge you will find 8 Onislayer Greatarrow.
・Drop down from the right for a Onislayer Greatbow.
・Before you enter the building you can loot a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior.
・Enter the building and go down the stairs. There wll be 3 paths you can take.
・Go right and in front of a pillar you can find a Rusted Coin. Continue foward for a Rusted Coin.
・Go staright and you will find lots of white jailers and 2 mimics. Defeat the mimics for the Greatshield of Glory and 2 Rusted Gold Coin. To the right you will find a chest containing an Ember.
・Go left for a bos fight with Yhorm the Giant.
at the further end of the boss room you can find the Storm Ruler.
・Defeat the boss for the Cinders of a Lord and Soul of Yhorm the Giant.

・ONce you defeat the boss you will be transported to High Wall of Lothric. Talk to Emma to recieve the Basin of Vows.
・Approach the altar behind her to activate the boss fight with Dancer of the Boreal Valley.
・Once you defeat the boss place the Basin of Vows on the altar, and the ladder will come down.

Boss Fight Strategy

Yhorm the Giant

・He is resistant to all weapons except the Storm Ruler. The Storm Ruler can be found by the altar in the boss room.
・Charge the weapon to make the storm ruler glow white. Then use the weapon art to unleash a powerful wind attack. ・It will dead about 5700 damage without it upgraded.
・Stay in range from him and use the wind attack after he performs his attack to be sure to hit him.
・Once his health goes down to about 40% wh will enchant fire. He will be more agressive so be sure not ot take hits from him.
・You can kill him with 5 charged wind atttack.

Dancer of the Boreal Valley

・Wields a big fire sword with a long range.
・She doen’t move that fast so it isn’t that difficult to attack her.
・Attack her while she is walking with her sword down.
・She will perform a grab attack when she swings her left hand.
・When she wields fire to her left hand be ware of an explosion.
・She will only swing her sword a maximum of 3 times. Easy to dodge using back rolling.
・Once her HP goes down to about 40%, she will now wield a ash sword along with the fire sword. Soon as she takes out her sword she will perform a blade dance attack.
・She will be attacking more frequently and will be much more difficult to attack her.
・When she thrusts her ash sword to the ground it will create a ash cloud with a large radius.
・It is best to attack her after her spin attack, twin uppercut, and jump attack.


Sigward of Catalina Questline

・He will be locked in a cell located in the area with the giant in Irithyll Dungeon.
・You can only talk to him at this point.
・To help Siegward you need the Old Cell Key. Walk past the sleeping giants and down a latter onto a walkway and go up the stairs as you will find 2 chests. The key will be in the right one.
・Once you obtain the Old Cell Key proceed the game until you reach Profained Capital.
・In Profained Capital, after you make your way through the poisonous swamp, and up the ladder onto a roof.
・There is an open window which you can get into by jumping and inside there you will find Siegward.
・Use the Old Cell Key to unlock him and talk to him for a Titanite Slab.
・When going into the boss area, you will see Siegward walking along side with you. Siegward will cooperate with you in the boss fight.
・If all the questline listed above has not been finished, that he will not come to help you.
・After defeating Yhorm the Giant Talk to Siegward.
・Obtain the Catalina Set, Storm Ruler, and Pierce Shield.

NG++ Items

Magic Stoneplate Ring +2 by gowing down the innder ladder by the Profained Capital bonfire then go outisde then head right.

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