DARK SOULS 3 -Lothric Castle

Reaching Lothric Castle Bonfire

・From the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley bonfire, go up the ladder.
・If you make a right at the branch it will be a dead end.
・Go left and head outside.
・The door to the right can’t be opened yet.
・Go down the stairs and you can find a Soul of a Weary Warrior
・Go further and you will see a lift.
・If you go down you will reach Consumed King’s Garden.
・You can get off the rift while it’s going down. If you go right you will find a Estus Shard. If you go left you will find a Titanite Chunk.

・Back at the ladder, this time go straight.
・Make your way foward and you can find a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight.
・Once you enter the room you can find a rift to your left. The lift won’t move yet. ※1
・Go through the hallway located at the right side of the room and you will find the Lothric Castle bonfire.

Reaching Dragon Barracks

・Go into the next room and you will find a chest to your right. The chest contains the Prayer Set.
・Go left and you will find a Titanite Chunk by the railing.

・Head outside and go down the stairs. Loot the corpse for a Titanite Chunk.

・Go outside and enter the room to your right. You will find a Twinkling Titanite by the ladder. Go up the ladder and continue to the end of the platform to find an illusory wall. Inside you can find the Winged Knight Set and the Sacred Bloom Shield.

・Go outside and up the stairs.
・Go down the left stairs. To your left is a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior. To your right is 2 Titanite Chunk.
・Go up the right staircase and to your left you will find the Dragon Barracks bonfire. Near the bonfire you can find an Ember.

Opening the Main Door

・Go up the staircase and head left to find a Greatlance.
・2 dragons will come flying while you are crossing the bridge.

・Drop down from the further side of the bridge to find an Undead Bone Shard.

・Drop down from the close side of the bridge and make a right for a Titanite Chunk.
・Drop down again to find 2 Titanite Chunk. Go left and continue to find 2 Twinkling Titanite. Walk through the doorway and you will find 3 Lightning Urn. Make your way foward and you will find a Crystal Lizard. Defeat it for 2 ・Twinkling Titanite. Proceed to find a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier. Go further and you can find the Sniper Crossbow and 11 Sniper Bolt.

・Drop down from the bridge and make a left. Go up the stairs and enter the right building. Soon as you enter you can find a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier. To the far right of the room you can find a Raw Gem.
・Go down the stairs on the right and defeat the Boreal Outrider Knight for a Irithyll Reaper. Inside the chests you will find 2 Twinkling Titanite, a Twinkling TItanite, a Titanite Scale, and the Spirit Tree Crest Shield.

・Go up the front stairs and through the fire into the hallway on the left.
・Destory the barrels to your left to find 3 Black Firebomb.
・Go up the ladder and you will find a Soul of a Nameless Soldier.
・Attack the dragon’s claws you see on the right and it will triger a dark mass eruption. Defeat it for 2 Twinkling Chunk and 2 Ember and the dragon will dissapear.
・Go to the terrace located on the opposite side of where the dragon was for a Titanite Chunk. Go further and you will find a Crystal Lizard. Defeat it for 2 Twinkling Titanite. Proceed for a Titanite Scale.
・Go up the stairs. To the left you can find a Pale Pine Resin. Defeat the mimic for 3 Titanite Scale. Go to the terrace on the right to find a Titanite Scale.
・Go left and pull the lever. The main gates will open. To the right of the lever you can find a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior. Make your way down and head towards the opposite direction.
・Go through the main gates and to the there is an Ember.
・Go up the left staircase and head outside.

Going Outside and Heading Left

・Go outside and to your left you can find a Sunlight Medal. To the left of that you can find a lift. Activate it to unlock a shortcut. ※1 Near the Sunlight Medal to the left there is a door which can’t be opened yet. ※2

・Form the loaction of where the Sunlight Medal was head straight head down. Defeat the erupted enemy for 2 Titanite Chunk and 2 Ember. You can find a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight where the dragon was.
・Inside the building there is a mimic. Defeat it for the Sunlight Straight Sword.
・Go up the stairs for the Braille Divine Tome of Lothric.

・Instead of heading down go left and you can find a ladder. At the top left of the roof there is a Titanite Chunk.
Head left and enter the building. Down the ladder you cna find the Knight’s Ring. HEad through the walkway on the otherside, you can find the Altar of Sunlight where you can learn the Praise the Sun Gesture. Inside the chest you can loot 3 Titanite Scale. Open th door to unlock the shortcut. ※2

・Outside the main gate you can now loot 6 Lightning Urn, a Refinded Gem, and 2 Ember.
Enter the main gate and to your left there is an Ember.

Going outside and Heading Right Into the Building.

・Enter the building and head up the stairs.
・The lift can’t be activated yet.
・To the right you can find 2 Rusted Coin. Open the chest for 3 Titanite Scale.
・Head left onto a terrace then head right for the Red Tearstone Ring. Jump down from where the rail is broken to find the Caitha’s Chime.

Inside the Fog Wall

・Boss fight with Dragonslayer Armour.
・Locaitons of summon signs.
・Before the boss area, go inside the building to the right for Eygon of Carim.
・Before the boss area, on the left side of the staris leading to the boss you can find Sirris of the Sunless Realms.

Boss Fight Strategy

Dragon Slayer Armour


・Both his hatchet and hield attacks chain up to 3 times. His 3rd attack is usually delayed so be cautious when to dodge.
・Its shield attacks has very fast motion so be sure to dodge early.
・Its lunge attack should be dodged rolling foward, and try attacking him afterwards.
・Its dealyed attack is only vertical so roll sideways to dodge them.
・Its jump slash shield combo can kill you instantly so make sure to dodge it.
・When it puts its hatchet in the air he performs a strong smash attack. Dodge sideways then attack him.
・The best chance to attack him is after he does his shield bash attack.
・Once it winces he will be in its second phase and performs a powerful ranged attack.
・At this point he will mostly hold its hatchet with both hands, and its shield will now be enchanted with lightning.
・Its new attack motions are, spin attack, ranged shock wave attack, and dash and bash attack.
・The dragons in the background also attacks you. The attacks are flames from the ground, and dark meteor, and a giant dark ball.
・Keep in mind to not be greedy and be sure to dodge.

NG+ Items

Life Ring +2 from where the gold dragon was, head to the terrace on the opposite side then drop down from where the Titanite Chunk was.
Dark Stoneplate Ring +1 go to the terrace then head right where the Braille Divine Tome of Lothric.

NG++ Items

Thunder Stoneplate Ring +2 drop down from where the Red Tearstone Ring is and is at the opposite side of Caitha’s Chime.

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