DARK SOULS 3 – Cathedral of the Deep

DARK SOULS IIICathedral of the Deep

Until Cleansing Chapel

・Light Cathedral of the Deep bonfire.
・Go up the stairs and you will find a enemy NPC. Defeat him for the Spider Shield.
・From the bonfire, make a left and you will find a man wearing a black robe wielding a dagger. Behing him you can find Paladin’s Ashes.
・Go up the stairs and at the wooded area to the left, there will be a Titanite Shard. From the right side of the stairs, drop down to a path and you will find the Creat Shield.
・Once up the stairs, you can find a Soul of an Unknown Traveler in that area.
・Go through the gate for Catheral of the Deep.
・Go up the hill to the left of the entrance of the chapel for an Estus Shard.
・In the right corner of the chapel you can find the Notched Whip.
・Light Cleansing Chapel bonfire.
・You can’t open both the doors on the side at this point.

Cemetry Area

・Go down the ledge when your making your way through the hill in front of the church and around the building you can find a Saint-tree Bellvine.
・Go up the stairs for a Crystal Lizard. Kill it for a Twinkling Titanite. Check behind the tree for a Titanite shard.
・Make your way through the walk where the Crystal Lizard was for another Crystal Lizard. Defeat it for a Twinkling Titanite.
・In the shadows of the crytsal to the left you will find a Giant Crystal Lizard. Defeat it for a Titanite Scale.
・Go up the stairs near the crystal for a Titanite Shard.
・Go in between the building near the crystal for the Poisonbite Ring.
・Make your way up the further hill and you will find a Titanite Shard at the window of the chapel.

・Go up the hill in front of the chapel into the cemetry area. You will face with zombie like hollows that keeps spawning.
・Once you made it into the cemetry take the path on the left and proceed foward to make another path to the left for the Astora Greatsword.
・At the circular area you can loot a Fading Soul and the Excutioner’s Greatsword.
・Cross the go up the stairs to get to a area with spears stuck in the ground. In that area you can loot 2 Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler, 2 Young White Branch, 2 Repair Powder, and an Undead Bone Shard.
・Once you come to a branch of stairs, take the right stairs for a Titanite Shard and a Curse Ward Greatshield. Go down the stairs and you will find a latter witch you can kick for a shortcut.
・Go back to the branch and take the left stairs.
・Go all the way up the stairs and at the left side of the wall you will find 2 Rusted Coin.
・To the right there is a Red Bug Pellet.

Around the Cathedral

・Go down the stairs and onto drop down from the left side onto a wooden platform to get onto the roof.
・On the balcony, you can find a Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler.
・After you make it off the roof, go up the stairs and to the right there will be 3 Red Bug Pellet. Go left and behind the caster there will be 3 Undead Hunter Charm.
・Go down the stairs and proceed through the walkway. In the room where 3 gremlins come out, there will be a Soul of a Nameless Soldier.
・Make your way up the stairs and and the end of the path you will find an Ember.
・Open the cathedral door.

Inside the Cathedral

・Go throuth the small tunnelway on the left for a Duel Charm.
・Once you reach a branch go left and down the elevator.
・Open the door leading to the chapel.
・At the branch, go down the stairs for a Deep Gem.
・If you go right you can find a Soul of a Nameless Soldier, Lloyd’s Sword Ring and 6 Exploding Bolt.
・Once you made it through the room with the giant go down the stairs. Make a left and at the corner you can find Seek Guidance. Go up the ladder for an Ember.
・On your way down the stairs go into a room with a chest. The chest is a mimic and killing it will drop the Deep Braille Divine Tome.
・At the adjacent room you can find an Ember. A strong enemy will jump you from behind and defeating it will give you Aldrich’s Sapphire.
・Use the left stairs and go out in the open. Dark Spirit Longfinger Dirk will invade your world and defeat him for the Spikef Shield and the Barbed straight Sword. Pull the lever to activate a bridge gate. There is a total of 3 levers located.
・Get to the opposite side into a passage for a Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler. Go down the stairs and open a shortcut door leading to the chapel.
・Around the left giant you can find the Maiden Set and the Soul of an Unknown Soldier. Open the double doors for a Saint Bident and 2 Homeward Bone.
・Around the right giant you can find Drang Gauntlets, Drang Armor, Drang Shoes, Drang Hammers, Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler, and a Pale Tongue. Upon defeating the giant you will recieve a Large Titanite Shard and 4 Dung Pie. Once you kill the giants they will not spawn back.
・Make your way past the left giant onto a staircase. Behind a seat you can find an Ember. Beyond the altar you can find the summon signs of Horace the Hushed and Anri of Astora.
・Go down the stairs behind the broken pedestal into the fog to begin the boss fight.
・Defeat the boss for the Small Doll and the Soul of the Deacons of the Deep.
・From the boss you can loot the Archdecon Set.
・Light Deacon of the Deep bonfire.

Boss Fight Strategy

・You will be facing against unlimited spawns of deacons.
・You can only deal damage to the boss by killing the enemy inhabited by the red glowing orb.
・Once you kill the enemy with the orb the orb will transport itself to another enemy.
・Since the enemies will keep spawning it is best to concentrate on the enemy with the orb. But ignoring too much of the non orbed enemy might be dangerus. It is best to use a weapon with a big range.
・After dealing some damage, the orb will no longer transport and will stay on the main enemy. At the same time strong blue deacons will spawn in.
・After a while the curse fog will be createn and will kill you instantly once contaminated fully by it.


・Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth
・Use the door to the left at te chapel and go up the elevator.
・Go up the ladder and kill the red eyed enemy for the Deep Ring.
・Drop down the narrow roof and follow the path.
・At the end of the path you will find a Pale Tongue. Take one of the narrow rooftops to the end of the tower you can find the Arbalest.
・Near the knight wielding a great sword you can loot a Blessed Gem.
・Near the knight located in the center wielding a greatsword you will see a ledge which you can jump down. Go down the platform and onto another landing and pull the lever.
・Cross the bridge that rose up by pulling the lever. On your left you can find 3 Duel Charm. Go up the stairs and open the door to the left.
・Proceed up the stairs and open the Door.
・Light Rosaria’s Bed Chamber bonfire.
・If you have defeated Longfinger Kirk you will find the Armor of Thorns Set.
・Talk to Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth for Rosaria’s Finger convenant. Giving her a Pale Tongue lets you reallocate your stats or change your appearance. You can only reborn 5 times per NG.

Rosaria Death Event

・Defeat Dancer of the Boreal Valley.
・Go to Rosaria’s Bed Chamber and you will find her dead. Pick up the Black Eye Orb in front of her.
・After obtaining the Black Eye Orb, travel to Aldrich, Devourer of Gods bonfire.
・Go to the room above the bonfire by using the elevators on the side and use the Black Eye Orb (the room where Gwynevere once lied in Dark Souls 1).
・You will invade Leonhard’s world and defeating him will grant you with Silver Mask, Rosaria’s Soul, and Crescent Moon Sword.
・Use Rosaria’s Soul at Rosaria herself to bring her back to life.
・Or you can also trade the soul with Ludleth for Bountiful Sunlight miracle.

Siegward of Catarina Event

・Outside the Chapel, you can find a well to the right.
・Get near the well and you can hear Siegward Calling out. Talk to him.
・Finish the Patches event listed below.
・Buy the Catarina Set from patches.
・Give him the armor for Rejoice gesture.

Unbreakable Patches Event

・Talk to Siegward in the well.
・Open the door left of the boss room.
・Go down the Stairs and talk to Siegward of Catarina.
・Cross the bridge half way and a you will have a cut scene.
・Patches will now sell you items at the Firelink Shrine.

NG+ Items

・Ring of the Evil Eye +1 at the back of the alter before Deacons of the Deep fight.

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