Dying Light 2 Stay Human - All Safe Codes

A list of all safe codes in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Included are the location of each safe during the game's main story and the specific quests they can be found in the game.

Dying Light 2 - All Safe Codes

All Safe Codes for Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Below is a list of all safe codes in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, including the areas to find each safe and specific main story quests and side quests they can be accessed.

Trophies and Achievements

There are currently no trophies or achievements related to safes in the game.

All Trophies and Achievements


Area Quest Safe Code
Bazaar Tower Open World (Main Story) 510


Area Quest Safe Code
Nightrunner’s Hideout Open World (Main Story) 101
Saint Joseph Hospital (Dr. Katsumi’s Office) The First Biomaker Side Quest 973
Crocodile Flats Out of Your League Side Quest 111119


Area Quest Safe Code
Water Tower Moonshine Side Quest 1492

Quarry End

Area Quest Safe Code
House Safe Open World (Main Story) 226766

Muddy Grounds

Area Quest Safe Code
Water Tower Treasure Hunt Side Quest 32167


Area Quest Safe Code
Electrical Station Open World (Main Story) 314


Area Quest Safe Code
Bridge Camp Open World (Main Story) 741776

Saint Paul Island

Area Quest Safe Code
Church of Saint Thomas Open World (Main Story) 444

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