Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Hazmat Infected Guide

A guide for Hazmat Infected Enemy in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Included are everything you need to know about this enemy, how to defeat, their abilities, and other useful tips.

Dying Light 2 - Hazmat Infected Guide

Hazmat Infected Guide in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

The Hazmat

A common kind of infected in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. The Hazmat or Gas Tanks are known for their signature feature which is a bright red oxygen tank strapped to their back.


Dying-Light-2-Stay-Human-Hazmat Aggression: 4/10
Speed: ???
Threat(s): 6/10
Abilities: Hands
Weakness: Explosive Oxygen Tanks

Main Quest Walkthroughs

How to Defeat Hazmat

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Combat Tips

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Other Strategy Guides

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