Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Weapons List

A list of all Weapons in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Includes name, description, and where to get. Dying Light 2 is scheduled for release on February 4th, 2022 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Weapons List

All Weapons in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Weapons List

Please note that we are still in the process of updating this page. New information will be added when the game comes out!

List of All Blunt Weapons

Name Weapon Type Where to Get
Angry Trish Long Mace N/A
Antique Hammer Hammer N/A
Beast Claws Knuckledusters N/A
Board Stick Stick N/A
Bolted Bludgeon 2-Handed Mace N/A
Bolted Mace Mace N/A
Brilliant Hammer Hammer N/A
Caveman 2-Handed Stick N/A
Cooler Pipe Hammer N/A
Cricket Stick Mace N/A
Double Mace Mace N/A
Duck Hammer Hammer N/A
First Mace Mace N/A
Golden Knuckles Knuckledusters N/A
Grubby Bat Stick N/A
Guitar Neck Long Mace N/A
Gunhammer Hammer After completing “Revolution”
Hephaestus Mace N/A
Homemade Hammer Hammer N/A
Hook Stick Long Stick N/A
Jointful Pipe Hammer N/A
Meat Squasher Hammer N/A
Mechanic’s Hammer Hammer N/A
Metal Railing Hammer N/A
Nailed Stick Stick N/A
Plumber’s Choice Long Stick N/A
Plumber’s Hammer Hammer N/A
Police Baton Stick N/A
Proletarian Long Stick N/A
Radiator Hammer Hammer N/A
Reinforced Stick Stick N/A
Rude Stick Stick N/A
Scrapper Hammer Hammer After completing “Unruly Brother”
Squash Knuckles Knuckledusters N/A
Stinky Pipe Hammer After completing “Cheers!”
Table Leg Stick N/A
The Bomber Stick N/A
The Crosier Mace N/A
The Grinder Mace N/A
The Stud Long Stick N/A
Tin Can Mace N/A
Torch Long Mace N/A
Verbum Hammer N/A
Walking Stick Mace After completing “A Place to Call Home.”

List of All Ranged Weapons

Name Weapon Type Where to Get
Nails Bow N/A
Paper Clip Bow Located inside Lawan’s apartment during “The Shoe”
Pipe Bow Bow After completing “Let’s Waltz!”
PK Crossbow Bow Reached City Alignment 4 with the Peacekeepers.
Sports Bow Bow After completing “The Baba X”

List of All Slashing Weapons

Name Weapon Type Where to Get
Barbarian Long Sword N/A
Barcode Machete Machete N/A
Beak Machete N/A
Billhook Machete After completing “Markers of Plague”
Blade Axe Axe After completing “Cathedral”
Broken Shovel Axe N/A
Camo Axe Axe N/A
Chop Chop Machete N/A
Chopper Axe N/A
Cog Axe N/A
Crude Machete Machete N/A
Dirty Cleaver Machete N/A
Dirty Katana Long Sword N/A
Enso Katana Long Sword N/A
Executioner’s Axe Axe N/A
Firestation Greataxe Axe N/A
Gangrene Machete Machete N/A
Glaive Axe After completing “Welcome on Board”
Gravedigger Axe N/A
Hacksaw Machete N/A
Heavy Duty Axe After completing “X-13”
Hi-Tech Machete N/A
Jigsaw 2-Handed Sword N/A
Khukri Machete N/A
Loose Screw Machete After completing “Water Tower” and “Orders”
Lumberjack Axe N/A
M-Axe Axe N/A
Makeshift Axe Axe N/A
Military Machete Machete N/A
Overkill Long Weapon N/A
Painful Axe Axe N/A
Paper Cutter Machete N/A
Raggedy Chopper Long Axe N/A
Sawblade Axe Axe N/A
Shark Teeth Machete N/A
Shoelace Machete Machete N/A
Simpleton Long Sword N/A
Slitter Axe N/A
Stopgap Machete Machete After completing “Now or Never”
Street Cleaver Long Axe N/A
The Sign Two-Handed Axe N/A
Thirsty Axe Axe N/A
Tinware Machete Machete N/A
Tomahawk Axe N/A
Twin Axe Axe N/A
Warsaw Machete N/A

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