Walkthrough Chapter 2 – No Turning Back [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]

This page contains a detailed walkthrough of Chapter 2 – No Turning Back in Final Fantasy XV, including quests, objectives, items, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Walkthrough Chapter 2 – No Turning Back

Chapter 2 starts with a cutscene of Princess Lunafreya crossing over to the border where she meets two dogs. Delighted, she pets them as they hand her a book which she embraces. Suddenly, a blind woman in black approaches her and stands in front of her. Lunafreya realizes who the woman is and presents to her the ring of King Regis in her palm. With this, the woman nods.

The Power of Kings

Hammerhead Outpost

The four of them pile up in the car and drive off in hopes to meet up with Cor Leonis in Hammerhead. Gladiolus discusses with the group about the Kingsglaive, wondering if they’re still active. Ignis says he doubts it; especially with Cor Leonis at Hammerhead. Prompto on the other hand wonders about how the people are in the city. Ignis however reassures him that there will be reports and Gladiolus remarks how nothing that big will go ignored. The group however stays true to the plan: head to Hammerhead and figure the rest later.

Gladiolus gets a message from his sister, Iris, that she’s bound for Lestallum with a few more refugees. While Prompto is optimistic about the report, Gladiolus mentions that not everyone was as lucky as his sister was. Ignis tells everyone that it’s best to make haste and Prompto notes that there’s only one way to go, and that it is forward. Noctis tells himself not to look back. And that he should be moving forward.

They arrive at the Hammerhead outpost and speak to Cindy, Cid’s daughter. They ask about Cor Leonis and she says that he left to attend to some business. However, she says that he left a message for them with her “Paw-Paw”.


Head over to the garage and speak to Cid. The old man reveals what Niflheim had been truly after: the crystal and the king’s ring. The king’s ring is a trinket that passes the power of all the former kings into the current king while helping him fuel the crystal to create the barrier over Lucis. Ignis makes a comment that the treaty was nothing more than a “pretext” while the others are speechless. Furious, Noctis says that they played his father for “a fool”. But Cid believes otherwise. He says that Lucis got dealt a losing hand and that the king played it the best he could. He also tells Noctis that his father fought valiantly, refusing to lose. The Prince looks visibly surprised at Cid. However, the old man says that his [King Regis] efforts were not enough.

While the group mourns for a moment, Cid tells them that if they need anything else – go talk to Cor.

After the cut-scene ends, Cid tells them that Cor told him to tell them that he’ll be at the tombs. He mentions that its Northwest from the Prairie Outpost and recommends you find that first. So, head over to Prairie Outpost.

Prairie Outpost

Once you reach there, enter the tavern and trigger a cut-scene. A woman named Monica tells him that she’s glad to see that Noctis is okay. Gladiolus asks what happened to the rest of the Crownsguard. She mentions that not many of them made it while escorting Lady Iris out of the city. She tells them that Iris is being escorted by a man named Dustin, heading to Lestallum. Gladiolus remarks that he owes them one. Next, Monica informs them that Noctis should head over to the Tombs of the Wise to meet up with Cor Leonis.

Head out of the Prairie Post and towards the Quest Marker. Follow the pathway and take a left on the first corner. Battle your way through for some extra EXP and head towards the marker. With that, enter the tomb.

Tomb of the Wise (The Royal Tomb)

Upon entering, Noctis meets up with Cor Leonis There, Noctis demands to know what he’s there for. Cor Leonis tells him the nature of Lucis’ magic and that it’s passed on via bonding of souls. Noctis angrily notes that his father abandoned the people to protect him. But the marshal notes that the role of the protector is now his. Noctis lets out his frustration as to why his father never told him and why “he just stood there smiling as he left”. Noctis whispers and asks why the king lied to him. Cor Leonis then reveals to him that King Regis didn’t want Noctis to remember him as king. He wanted Noctis to remember him as his father.

Cor Leonis tells him that King Regis always had faith in him. He had faith that he would rise up to the role in protecting his people. Noctis grimly says that his father left him no choice. With that, he inherits the sword of his father and unlock the new feature of the Royal Arms.

Chapter 2 - Power of the Kings

The Royal Arms, as much power as they carry, come with a price. They whittle down your HP at each use and don’t induce link strikes. So use those weapons wisely and know when you need to use them. With that, you complete the Legacy Quest.

After receiving the Sword of the Wise, Cor Leonis informs Noctis that his journey has just begun. He suggests to him to head towards another tomb which may house another one of the royal arms that the prince receives. There, you’ll be instructed to head to Keycatrich Trench. Cor Leonis also joins your party to not only help but to “measure his strength”.

Prompto asks how many royal arms there are. Cor Leonis mentions that there are thirteen of them, although they only know a few. Leave the tombs and make sure you have enough potions on hand. If you’re journeying through the night, there will be daemons crawling around. Cor Leonis also mentions that he enlisted the help of top hunters who comb through royal tombs. Head out of the tombs and through the canyons before hitting the main road. Follow the path until you spot a large wall. Hug against the wall and you should spot the entrance into the trench. Once you spot the entrance, don’t forget to pick up the Bioblaster before you get in.

Entering Keycartrich Trench

There, Cor Leonis decides to separate from the team but not before entrusting the Tombkeep’s Key to you. He says that it opens up any tomb and tells you to claim the powers that lie in each tomb. According to him, Noctis will need it. With that, Cor Leonis leaves to keep an eye on Niflheim to check for any activities.

Searching through the tombs in Keycartich Trench

After Noctis sees him off, dive into tunnel leading into the caverns. When you reach the cage door, there is a Metal Scrap lying on the ground. Head through the door and go down the stairs. There, you will find two pathways. Take the one on the right first and follow the cable. At the end, there’s a generator to shed some light.


Next, head out and pick up the Electrolytic Condenser on the floor. Head out back into the main cavern tunnel and towards the quest marker. Head straight until you come across a wall and turn right. There, you’ll find a cage door that you can open.


After that, head down the pathway and make another left while Prompto is making notes for the next horror movie scene. Go down the tunnel and make a right to spot a little cavern hole where you can squeeze through. Go through it and then go straight. Make a left where you find a narrow space to squeeze through.


Head straight and pick up the Elixir on the ground. Head straight and turn right only for the cage door to slam shut on you. Spooooky~


With the door locked, head for the other door. Go through and grab the item before heading back towards the green door. Open the door and you’ll find yourself in some sort of storage room. After exploring for a bit, head towards the other green door in the room. Pick up the Automatic Crossbow lying in front of you and proceed. Head down the hall and turn right, picking up the Hi-Elixir. With that, head back towards the door you missed and go through the door. There, you’ll face a spider-like creature.


After killing it, crouch through a tiny hole and crawl through it. Head straight down the path and forget the tiny hole in the wall. Make a left and there’ll you’ll see a tomb door similar to the one you’ve been to near Prairie Outpost.


Since you’re there at the tomb doors, check if everyone’s completely healed before pushing the door open.

Tomb of the Conqueror

When Noctis opens the door, you’ll find a coffin similar to that found in Tomb of the Wise. Instead of a sword, this particular tomb has a king holding a spear. Have Noctis approach the tomb and let him take the weapon.


After the whole light show, Noctis receives the Axe of the Conqueror royal arms. With that, you can now return to the entrance.

Declaration of War

After Noctis emerges from the tomb, he gets a phone call from Cor Leonis. The two exchange jabs for a bit until Cor Leonis mentions that there’s an Empire Base that needs wrecking. If left unchecked, he said that the other royal tombs may be compromised. He tells you to go see Monica back in the outpost and let her fill in the details. With that, head back to the Prairie Outpost to see Monica.

Prairie Outpost

Approach Monica and she’ll mark the route on the map. From there, head towards the Nordouscaean Blockade. Take the car and magically poof up there for 10 gil. Or if you want to battle your way through for EXP, that’s okay too.

Norduscaean Blockade

There, head through the thicket and meet up with Monica. She’ll tell you to split up into two groups with you joining the marshal. The rest will help be a distraction. Click on proceed and head towards the marshal after. Squeeze through the crevice and meet up with the marshal. There, you two plan an ambush to push the people out while the other team pushes in. Follow Cor Leon to a door and open it to pick up a Hi-Potion on your left side. There, make a right and trigger a battle. Bash through the soldiers and use your Warp-Strike for a preemptive opening. Go down the stairs and fight another group of soldiers to receive a Magitek Booster. Go through the door and find Snipers on the bridge. A quick Warp-Strike combo ought to do it.


After cutting through the batch of soldiers, follow the pathway to pick up a Hi-Elixir. Follow the pathway and head up the stairs before opening the next door to the next battle. Chop up the snipers first before attacking the soldiers on the ground. One of them may drop a Muscle Stimulant. Go through a door and pick up another Muscle Stimulant and head out to the main gate to trigger a cut-scene.

Main Gate

There, you’ll find Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto walking through a sea of unconscious people. But the battle’s not over. An Imperial transport looms over and brings in reinforcements. There, an unknown opponent shows up and gets ready to pummel the lights out of you.

Boss Battle – Loci in the MAX Cuirass


Take out the little guys first. The Magitek Soldiers are going be a pain if you don’t trash them first. Have the other members tank the Max Cuirass while you take out the snipers. Command them in how you see fit. Cor Leonis’ Lion’s Roar can deal big amounts of damage. Seeing that he’s the meatiest, watch the lives more of Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis. Swing around its legs and hang around the middle for double damage. Combo with warp strike and take down the Max Cuirass and receive the Circular Saw. Watch out though, it explodes.

With that, Cor Leonis says that seeing Noctis battle puts his mind at ease. He leaves to continue watching Niflheim while you proceed to find the other Royal Arms. With this quest finished, you now finished Chapter 2! Congratulations!

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