[Final Fantasy 15 / FFXV] Windows Edition PC Version News So Far

The Final Fantasy XV WIndows Edition– the PC version–was recently announced. We’ll discuss about the details we know so far.

Windows Edition: PC Version News So Far

Being a proud owner of a PC with a decent graphics card (Nvidia GTX 960), a solid game rig through and through, I was sorely, sorely disappointed when I heard that Final Fantasy XV–arguably one of the most beautifully rendered of the Final Fantasy games–was not going to be released on the PC in a while. Along with the rest of the PC master race community, I cried elitist tears as I played my modded version of Witcher 3, longing for the glory of FFXV.

I jest, of course, but I’d love to play this fantastic game on my rig nonetheless, and was sorely disappointed when I couldn’t just download it off steam immediately. However, maybe there was goodness in delayed gratification. Last August 21, Nvidia GeForce, along with Square Enix, released a trailer of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. You can see it here:

What we know so far

Console to PC Differences

  • Lots of textures. The PC version will be able to support 4k High-Resolution Textures due to its Luminous engine.
  • Sound quality will be handled by Dolby Atmos. This means that the sound design for this already epic game will reach an incredibly cinematic level.
  • NVIDIA Gameworks will handle little details like grass simulations, hair simulations, combustible fluid, fire, and smoke sims, as well as shadows, among others.
  • The game will also utilize NVIDIA Ansel for screenshot captures, similar to Ansel’s capabilities with The Witcher 3. 
  • A first person camera mode will be available.

Other Updates

  • Brendan Caldwell of RockPaperShotgun was able to interview Hajime Tabata regarding mod support. Tabata confirmed this in the interview at Gamescom.
  • Early 2018 is the vague, but exciting release date of FFXV.
  • FFXV Windows edition already has a steam page. Check it out here.

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