Walkthrough Chapter 14 – Homecoming [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]

Detailed walkthrough of Chapter 14. Watch out for spoilers.

This page contains a detailed walkthrough of Chapter 14 – Homecoming in Final Fantasy XV, including quests, objectives, items, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Walkthrough Chapter 14 – Homecoming

World of Ruin

The chapter starts with Noctis asking himself how long has he been out. He sails on the Angelmoore all the way to camp in hopes of reuniting with the rest of the team. Run across the bridge and come across a few of them. Make short work of them before heading forward.

Chapter 14 start

He sees himself alone with nobody else. Climb up the stairs where you’ll encounter some Tonberries and an imp. Fight them off and head onto the next portion of the map. Right at the bar, there will be two wraiths and a naga waiting for you. Thankfully, you still have the Ring of Lucis which gives you the Death Spell.


After taking them out, run across the bridge towards the quest marker where you’ll encounter a few Hobgoblins. After defeating them, there are 2 Iron Giants which you can either fight or avoid. Run through the plains and through the caverns where you’ll encounter a Daemonwall. If you’re in a hurry, run past it and follow the road all the way to the quest marker.

Suddenly, Umbra stops you and there’s a truck passed by. Approach the truck and trigger a cut scene and you’ll find out that the one driving the truck is Talcott, the little boy with Iris.


He gives Noctis a ride in the truck and it triggers a cutscene. Talcott tells him that ten years passed since he’s gone. He also mentions that Lestallum is the only place that has light and people stay there for refuge. There’s a slayer station there and Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis lends help to those who are hunting the daemons. Ignis hunts despites his blindness along with Gladio and Prompto.

Hammerhead Outpost

There, Noctis gets off the truck and meets the three of his friends. All he says is “hey” which Gladio asks if that’s all he had to say after so long. Prompto’s overjoyed and Ignis says that Noct kept them waiting. After all the cheesy bromance, Noct smirks and tells them that he didn’t mean to keep them waiting. With that, you finish this part of the quest and are made to head to the Crown City.


Head for the Crown City

Once you head to the Crown City, there’s no heading back. Scour around Hammerhead and get yourself shopping. One of the merchants there sell a few weapons and some gear if you want to upgrade your gear. There’s also a trailer house where you and the whole team can rest up.

With that, there’s a short cut-scene about Gladio talking about a wedding. He says he can’t rush headlong while making a girl worry which Prompto and Ignis have their own comments to.

Stock up on all your healing items to prepare for the big fight. After all, this is a fight where there’s no shops for you to restock. Make sure you check on gear, abilities, healing items, and NEVER FORGET TO SAVE YOUR PROGRESS. When you’re done, you can head to the gate and head out to the city of Insomnia.


With that, the quest is complete.

There, you trigger a cutscene where Prompto is giddy in rocking the Crownsguard gear. Wear them with pride, Ignis adds. There, you get to enjoy a meal with your party again where they all visibly catch-up and now rock new armour.

The Cure for Insomnia

The quest now starts with the whole team having a whole new wardrobe revamped. Noctis dons the robes similar to that of his late father and the Ring of Lucis. Gladio and the rest mark for their new journey heading towards the citadel.


The moment the cut-scene ends, you’ll head into battle against a few Imperial Troopers. Take them out to play and chop them to pieces. Take note of the stairs heading down where there are items you can draw magic out from and also a place to camp in. You can also grind for EXP while preparing for the final batttle. An Iseultalon will be running around and along with a Yojimbo. There will be a couple of Ariadne’s running around as well so you can also take them out for some EXP.


Check also the trash cans. There’s one in an alley that contains a Fire Crest. Near the Piano Bar among the rubble, there’s also the Mega Elixir so grab that too. Some of the monsters can be extremely high leveled, so don’t confront unless you have to. Rest under ground if you’ve taken too much damage and you want to gather up all the EXP you’ve earned.

After that, look for the Citadel Station and head down the stairs. Open the gates and take out the soldiers and the daemons running around. Clear up the station and head towards the quest marker to make your way towards the citadel. Check the trash cans for a Mega Phoenix and open the caged door with a press of a button. After that, climb up the stairs and you’ll find yourself at the citadel. A Behemoth King is standing in the way of the citadel so crush it if you can.

Boss Battle – Behemoth King


The Behemoth King is almost as big as Deadeye with his wings and horns swinging around. But the good news is, you have buildings for Noctis to warp onto. Have Noctis strike in with a hit-and-run strategy and have Prompto deal critical damage every time he uses Piercer. Gladio tanks and rotates with Tempest every now and then while Ignis can use Elementia Liberia.

After that, look on the map and there’s a resting station nearby. And near that station, you’ll have gas tanks where Noctis can pick up the fire element from it. When you’re done, go through the gates and have Noctis open it as if he just opened the gates to his mansion. Make sure you check all your gear because of the big battle to come.


Upon entering, you’ll run to Ardyn who mentions that Ifrit the Infernian hates humans and does not share Shiva’s love for humanity. He does make a pun saying that they will be assured a warm welcome. With that, Ardyn says he’ll wait for you at the top of the citadel.


Boss Battle – Ifrit


Ifrit may have been our buddy in the past Final Fantasy games but this time, he intends to cook you for whatever meal he has planned for the day. Remember the battle you witnessed at the first chapter? This is where it happens. The time you have to bring down the big boss Ifrit and avoid any form of Hellfire that’ll cook you.

The first thing Ifrit does is set Noct’s cape on fire. Prompto puts it out and Gladio along with the others shield him from the next roaring torrus of fire. After that, break into a battle with Ifrit.

Thankfully, he doesn’t move around but he does have a lot of AoE attacks. With that, use your warp skills to go in and out to attack. Have Prompto deal the critical damage and make sure you have your heals set up. There will be times that Ifrit will grab Noct and try to squeeze the life out of him and then throw him aside.

The moment the boss hits around 20% of his life, Summoning will be available. Press L2 for summon and watch the incredible cut-scene. Instead of the usual scenes, look who we have here: our poster boy and good buddy Bahamut!


He drops a whole hail of swords on Ifrit and kicks him to the curb. Bahamut soars through the sky before unleashing a whole rain of swords and then proceeds to duel the fire Astral. After Noctis finishes gawking, Bahamut signals him to deal the final blow. Noct finally gathers his wits and jumps up before chopping off Ifrit’s horn.


However, that just makes Ifrit madder and now he’s coated in fire. Rely on your warp-strikes as Ifrit has his sword swinging to and fro. He’ll charge every now and then with his flaming sword. So, put him out with your Blizzaga spell to make him vulnerable and deal damage. Block and time your evasions carefully as it can save your life.

Also, make sure you know where you’re warping. There are times you can take fall damage.


When the boss hits 20% again, Shiva makes her appearance and deals the final blow onto the Infernian. With one Diamond Dust, Ifrit turns into ash.

Head to the Throne Room

Once done with Ifrit, head inside the citadel and check the couches for items. When Noct finishes surveying the area, head to elevator. Enter the elevator and lead yourself straight into the Throne Room.


Before entering the throne room, Noct asks if Prompto can give him a photo he could keep. Prompto tells him he could keep any of the shots he likes. Choose a shot and now, you’ll begin chapter 15!

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