Food List [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]


This section contains all available food that can be eaten in Final Fantasy XV. Food in the game is either ordered in a restaurant or cooked by Ignis for the party.

Restaurant Meals

Various restaurants and diners are situated across Eos. Take the time to try out various dishes for Ignis to concoct a new recipe when he cooks for the party during camp outs.

Noted: Food with (*) will unlock a new recipe for Ignis when eaten

Name Effects Price Restaurant
Chili Con Carne Strength +20, HP +50 50 Takka’s Pit Stop (Hammerhead)
Leiden Jambalaya Strength +150, HP +200, HP Recovery Rate x1.25 750 Takka’s Pit Stop (Hammerhead)
Hammerhead Hot Sandwich * Strength +80, HP +200 200 Takka’s Pit Stop (Hammerhead); complete Takka’s sidequest: Hunters and Gatherers
Sizzling Humongo-Steak * Infinite stamina HP +1000 3500 Takka’s Pit Stop (Hammerhead); complete Takka’s sidequest: A Meat Most Magnificent
Jetty’s Prevents Poison and Toad 50 Various Crow’s Nest Diners
Kenny’s Fries HP +300 150 Various Crow’s Nest Diners
Kenny’s Salmon Strength +150, Vitality +200 1480 Various Crow’s Nest Diners
Kenny’s “Special” Salmon Strength +400, Magic +300 Vitality +300 9800 The Original Crow’s Nest Diner (Old Lestallum)
Galdin Gratin Strength/Magic +50, EXP +10%, HP +500 8900 Mother of Pearl (Galdin Quay)
White Fish in Tomato Sauce Strength +160, HP +900, Prevents Poison 2800 Mother of Pearl (Galdin Quay)
Sea’s Bounty Risotto Strength +120, HP +600, HP Recovery Rate x1.25 1800 Mother of Pearl (Galdin Quay)
Steamed Crab with Rock Salt Blocks Fire/Ice/Lightning 7200 Mother of Pearl (Galdin Quay)
Tenebraen Berry Opera * Magic +500/Strength 0, Critical hit rate +10% 17500 Mother of Pearl (Galdin Quay); Complete Coctura’s Sidequest: Berried Memories
Gysahl Chips HP +400 480 Wiz Chocobo Post


Name Effects Price Restaurant
Green Smoothie Fire/Ice/Lightning Resistance +90% 160 Wiz Chocobo Post
Chocobo Club Sandwich Strength +80, HP +400, Prevents Toad 980 Wiz Chocobo Post
Fat Chocobo Triple-Decker * HP +400, EXP +50% 1200 Wiz Chocobo Post; Complete Wiz’s sidequest: A Feathery Feast
Peanut Sauce Skewers Strength +120, HP +400 760 Lestallum Surgate’s Beanmine
Soup & Bread Strength +150, HP Recovery Rate x2 1100 Lestallum Surgate’s Beanmine
Bird-Broth Rice with Curry * Strength +80, HP +250, HP Recovery Rate x1.25 620 Lestallum Surgate’s Beanmine
Offal Stew * Magic +200, HP Recovery Rate x1.75 1800 Lestallum Market Tostwell Grill
Spicy Skewers * +2% damage per level for level difference between attacker and higher-level target, Strength +350, HP +1000 9800 Lestallum Market Tostwell Grill
Roti and Curry Plate Strength +120, Magic +100, HP +200 1600 Lestallum Market Tozus Counter
Soul Soup Strength +120, Spirit +200, Fire Resistance +70% 1280 Lestallum Market Tozus Counter
Big Bread Buns HP +600, HP Recovery Rate x1.5 1480 Lestallum Market Tozus Counter


Name Effects Price Restaurant
Mama Ezma’s Meat Pie * Strength +150, Magic +150, HP +500 1980 Meldacio Hunter HQ
Meat & Onion Skewers * Strength +200, HP +800 2850 Meldacio Hunter HQ
Hunter’s Ragout * Strength +350, HP +1500 4200 Meldacio Hunter HQ
Verinas Spuds HP +300 150 Verinas Mart – Ravatogh
Tender Bird Fritters Strength +120, HP +400, Fire Resistance +50% 980 Verinas Mart – Ravatogh
Smoked Dualhorn Shank Strength +400, HP +1000, Infinite Stamina 6800 Verinas Mart – Ravatogh
Fettini di Cernia * Strength +300, HP +1000, Prevents Instant Death 4800 Maagho
Maagho Lasagna HP +4000, EXP +100%, Blocks Fire/Ice/Lightning 80000 Maagho
Fine Caviar Canape * Strength/Magic +75, EXP +50% 300000 Maagho
Wood-Smoked Fish * HP +1500, Prevents Toad, Lightning Resistance +50 3800 Maagho
Set Dinner Course HP +500 500 Train restaurant

Cooked Meals

Ignis can cook when the party camps out via the Cooking Skill. Recipes are unlocked through various methods such as eating a dish at a restaurant, finishing sidequests or raising the cooking skill to a certain level. Just make sure that you have the required ingredients and cooking skill level.

When a party member eats one of their favorite foods, they will receive specific bonuses:

  • Noctis’ tech bar will have a fill rate increase of 100%
  • Allies leveling rate will be doubled for any techniques used. Critical hits are also guaranteed when techniques are performed.

Note: Ingredients marked with (*) cannot be purchased in shops

Name Ingredients Effects SP Learning Condition Favorite
Flame-Roasted Toast Strength +10 1 Default
Toasty Rice Balls HP +50 1 Default
Chilled Food Tin HP + 100, Strength +30 1 Default (Chapter 10)
Croque Madame Birdbeast Egg, Gighee Ham Strength +30 40 Default
Veggie Medley Stew Leiden Potato, Sheep Milk, Funguar Strength +20, HP +150 40 Default
Prairie-Style Skewers Anak Meat, Leiden Pepper Strength +40, HP +200 50 Cooking skill Lv. 2 Gladiolus
Oil-Drizzled Steamed Fish Giant Trevally Fillet, Wild Onion Strength +60, HP +200, Magic +50 50 Cooking skill Lv. 3
Breaded Cutlet with Tomato Anak Meat, Lucian Tomato Strength +60, HP +250 50 Cooking skill Lv. 4 Ignis
Creamy Fowl Saute Daggerquill Breast *, Sheep Milk, Funguar Strength +80, HP +400, Prevents Poison 60 Cooking skill Lv. 5
Fluffy Chiffon Cake Leiden Sweet Potato, Cleigne Wheat Vitality +200, Spirit +200, HP +1000 60 Cooking skill Lv. 6
Robust Bean Soup Eos Green Peas *, Leiden Pepper, Killer Tomato HP +600, HP Recovery Rate x1.5, Tech Boost +100% 60 Cooking skill Lv. 7
Creamy Milk Risotto Malmashroom, Saxham Rice, Sheep Milk HP +600, HP Recovery Rate x1.75, Prevents Toad 70 Cooking skill Lv. 8
Lasagna al Forno Jabberwock Sirloin, Cleigne Darkshell, Fine Cleigne Wheat HP +4000, EXP +100% Blocks Fire/Ice/Lightning 90 Cooking skill Lv. 9
Gold Tail Soup Kujata Marrow, Platinum Myrltrout Fillet, Allural Shallot 100% Critical Rate, HP Recovery Rate x2.5 90 Cooking skill Lv. 10


Name Ingredients Effects SP Learning Condition Favorite
Grease Monkey’s Schnitzel Sandwich Garula Sirloin, Cleigne Wheat Strength +80, HP +200 50 Eat “Hamerhead Hot Sandwich” at Hammerhead Noctis
Thick ‘n’ Juicy Steak Catoblepas Brisket *, Kettier Ginger Infinite Stamina, HP +1000 80 Eat “Sizzling Humongo-Steak” at Hammerhead
Peppery Daggerquill Rice Daggerquill Breast *, Saxham Rice, Leiden Pepper Strength +80, HP +250 60 Eat “Bird-Broth Rice with Curry” in Lestallum Prompto
Lestallum Stewed Tripe Sahagin Liver *, Hulldagh Nutmeg, Killer Tomato Magic +200, HP Recovery Rate x1.75 70 Eat “Offal Stew” in Lestallum
Seasoned Midgardsormr Midgardsormr Shank, Hulldagh Nutmeg, Killer Tomato +2% damage per level for level difference between attacker and higher-level target, Strength +350, HP +1000 90 East “Spicy Skewers” in Lestallum
Cup Noodles Cup Noodles Strength +30, HP +300 1 Approach the Cup Noodles Wagon in Lestallum Prompto
Cup Noodles (real taste) Cup Noodles Strength +80, HP +500, EXP +20% 1 Sidequest: The Perfect Cup (Gladiolus) Gladiolus
Fisherman’s Favorite Risotto Cleigne Mollusk, Caem Pinkshrimp, Saxham Rice Stength +120, HP Recovery Rate x1.25, HP +600 70 Sidequest: Kitty Catering (Cat) Ignis
Memory Lane Cake Leiden Sweet Potato *, Fine Cleigne Wheat, Ulwaat Berries Magic +500/ Strength 0 100 Sidequest: Berried Memories (Coctura) Noctis
Meldacio Meat Pie Leukorn Steak, Dualhorn Steak, Cleigne Wheat Strength +150, Magic +100, HP +500 70 Eat “Mama Ezma’s Meat Pie” at Meldacio Hunter HQ Prompto
Hunter’s Krazy Kebabs Catoblepas Brisket *, Wild Onion Strength +200, HP +800 80 Eat “Meat & Onion Skewers” at Meldacio Hunter HQ
King’s Stew Behemoth Tenderloin, Griffon Breast, Kujata Marrow Strength +350, HP +1500 90 Eat “Hunter’s Ragout” at Meldacio Hunter HQ
Stacked Ham Sandwich Garula Sirloin, Fine Gighee Ham, Aegir Root * HP +200, EXP +50% 60 Eat “Fat Chocobo Triple-Decker” at Wiz Chocobo Post
Smoked Behemoth Behemoth Tenderloin, Hulldagh Nutmeg, Smoking Wood Strength +400, HP +1000, Infinite Stamina 90 Eat “Smoked Dualhorn Shank” at Verinas Mart – Ravatogh
Tide Grouper Carpaccio Tide Grouper Fillet, Aegir Root * Strength +300, HP +1000, Prevents Instant Death 90 Eat “Fettini di Cernia” in Altissia
Sea Bass Saute Sea Bass Fillet *, Tenebraen Oak HP +1500, Prevents Toad, Ice Resistance +50 80 Eat “Wood-Smoked Fish” in Altissia
Royal Banquet Canape Arapaima Roe, Kettier Ginger, Allural Shallot Strength/Magic +75, EXP +50% 120 Eat “Fine Caviar Canape” in Altissia


Name Ingredients Effects SP Learning Condition Favorite
Mother & Child Rice Bowl Chickatrice Leg *, Birdbeast Egg, Saxham Rice HP +1000, EXP +30%, Drop Rate +50% 70 Watch a woman eat this dish on a table near Lestallum’s lookout Noctis
Skewered Wild Trout Trout Fillet, Leiden Pepper Strength +150, HP +800, Prevents Toad 70 Catch a Rainbow Trout Gladiolus
Excellent Oven-Roasted Trout Platinum Myrltrout Fillet, Allural Shallot Strength +350, HP +2000, Fire Resistance +50 100 Catch a Platinum Myrltrout
Grilled Wild Barramundi Barramundi Fillet, Schier Turmeric Strength +80, HP +500 60 Catch a Crag Barramundi Noctis
Nebula Salmon Teriyaki Nebula Salmon Fillet *, Hulldagh Nutmeg Strength +150, Magic +150, HP +600 90 Catch a Nebula Salmon
Legendary Herb-Grilled Whopper Vesper Gar Filler *, Schier Turmeric, Leiden Pepper Strength +500/Magic 0 90 Catch a Vesper Gar
Dry-Aged Tender Roast Stew Garula Sirloin, Leiden Potato, Lucian Tomato Strength +80, HP +250 50 Unlocked after your first Garula Sirloin drop
Crispy Zu Skewers Zu Tender, Fine Cleigne Wheat HP +80, Critical Rate +20% 100 Unlocked after your first Zu Tender drop
Spicy Long-Bone Rib Steak Dualhorn Steak, Leiden Pepper Stength +50, HP +200 50 Unlocked after your first Dualhorn Steak drop
Packed Mushroom Kebabs Alstroom, Vesproom Strength/Magic +200, Max HP reduced to 10% 70 Unlocked after collecting your first Vesproom
Three-Mushroom Kebabs Alstroom, Vesproom, Malmashroom Strength +150, HP +800, Prevents most status ailments 80 Unlocked after collecting your fist Malmashroom
Crown City Roast Jabberwock Sirloin, Leiden Pepper Strength +400, HP +3000 90 Unlocked after your first Jabberwock Sirloin drop
Royal Road Paella Cleigne Mollusk, Cleigne Darkshell, Saxham Rice Strength +150, HP +1000, Infinite Stamina 80 Unlocked when you see the corresponding magazine cover (inside a small wooden building to the east of Coernix Station – Cauthess)
Hearty Cutlet on Rice Girffon Breast, Fine Cleigne Wheat, Saxham Rice Strength +250, HP +1500 90 Unlocked when you see the corresponding magazine cover (under the road bridge directly south of the Vesperpool)
Crispy Cheese Pizza Strength +100, Infinite Stamina, Prevents Poison 1 Pre-order bonus

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