Randolph’s Sidequests Guide [Final Fantasy 15/FFXV]

This page contains a walkthrough and guide on Randolph’s sidequests in Final Fantasy XV, including objectives and rewards obtained in the game.

Randolph’s Sidequests Guide

You can only start Randolph’s Sidequests by finishing the main story modeCall umbra and visit Randolph in the town of Lestallum.

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A Legend is Born

Monster: Bennu
Unlock Condition: Reach Chapter 15.
Recommended Level: 55.
Leide, south of Prairie Outpost.
Affinities: Weak to PolearmsMachinery, and Lightning. Bennu is resistant to ice and immune to light. 
Strategy: Use aerial combos and aim for Bennu’s head. Make sure that you have unlocked ascension nexuses that allow you to perform long and devastating attacks. Point warp to blue marker positions to gain mana. Bennu will eventually start flying. You make sure your parrying finger is ready, because if you don’t miss the opportunity, the bird would go down easier. When you  finally kill the beast, bring its beak to Randolph.

You’ll get an iron duke as well as 8,000 exp. Good job!

Dreadful Legend

Monster: Malbodoom
Unlock Condition: Complete “A Legend is Born”

Recommended Level: 65

Location: Vesperpool region.

Affinities: Weak to Daggers and Ice; resistant to Greatswords, Fire, and Light.

Strategy: The Malbodoom is very dangerous. Arm yourself with daggers infused through Enhancement. Attack the Malbodoom from behind or from side-to-side. The malbroro brats will also swarm you, so warp away. They will dissipate. The best way to deal a lot of damage against the marlbroro is by attacking it while it winds up for its bad breath attack.

You will get 10,000 EXP as well as a Dragoon lance. Awesome job!

Legend Wrapped in an Enigma

Monster:  Sir Tonberries (x2)  (nocturnal)
Unlock Condition:  Complete “Dreadful Legend” 

Recommended Level: 75

Location: Outside the Tomb of the Tall south of Duscae at night. 

Affinities:Weak to daggers and Light; resistant to Greatswords, Fire, ice, and Lightning. 

Strategy:  Sir Tonberries will barrage you with long sword combos and lunge attacks  that give you a narrow opportunity to parry. Focus on dodging the tonberries instead of attacking while they assail you. Make every effort to parry their attacks, and to maximize your attack opportunities, you should invest in swift daggers to deal major damage against your enemies.

By defeating them, you’ll get 12,000 EXP and  ziedrich (shield). 

Cursed Legend

Monster: Phalaris (Duscae)
Unlock Condition: Complete “Legend Wrapped in an Enigma.” 

Recommended Level:  85

Location: Duscae, south of Fallaughns Haven 

Affinities: Weak to Greatswords; resistant to Polearms, Shields, Fire, Lightning, and Light

Strategy: Phalaris can ravage your party with massive amounts of punishment. One reason is that some attacks prevent you from phasing through. So you won’t remain at melee range more than a second; you’d have to run and roll-dodge around the monster so that you’ll always be behind it. From this vantage point, target its hind legs with a two-handed blade. Prompto should also  use piercer on the beast, keeping the foe’s defense down for most of the battle.

Another way of defeating Phalaris is to wield the Star of the Rogue. Be sure not to step out of the arena, however, for Phalaris will regenerate its health.

Wondrous Weapon

Monster:   Naglfar
Unlock Condition:  Complete “Cursed legend”   

Recommended Level: 99

Location: Fort Vaullerey, at night time in the middle of the warehouses outside the base. 

Affinities: Weak to fire, ice, lightning and light; resistant to all standard weapon types.

Strategy: Use royal arms for this battle. You should opt for swift arms. Do make sure you take advantage of Ignis’ Enhancement technique to increase the damage you’ll deal against Naglfar. Use chain spells as well. Note that naglfar is fast.

By staying close to the beast’s sides, you’ll avoid his frontal attacks. Warp or phase when it starts attacking  you.

Don’t get greedy. You can only deal so much damage at a given time. 

When you kill Naglfar, you’ll get 20,000 EXP, and Zwill crossblades (daggers).

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  1. The ring of lucis can kill any high lvl monster in one shot accuracy is low but when it hits its a one move I defeated the Tuttle in 10 mins with it as well as naglfar I’m lvl 91 and its great just got the sealed dungeons to do and I’ve completed all of the game

  2. The Marlboro was so easy, I stood on a rock and cast blizzaga, freezing the pond. This prevent everyone from moving or a tracking. From there, I just hacked away. Lol

  3. If i’m level 99 and have only just got access, can I do all of these? I only have standard gear, Ultima Blade, all upgradable ones, etc.

    • It’s possible. But the most important part is knowing how to strategize when fighting these creatures. The Bennu and the Zuu are pretty big in size and can pack a punch. 🙂

      • Did them all. Bennu is the Zu-like creature 😉 Naglfar was pretty tough going but they’re done now. Needed me those Zwill Crossblades!

  4. The bennu has an attack that is an instant kill and seems almost un-dodge-able. I cant seem to get around the attack or find anything about it anywhere on the internet.

    • If it’s usually undodgeable, try parrying it. Parrying it will also stun it and give you a chance to attack. 🙂