Walkthrough Summary [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]


This page contains a summary of all walkthroughs of the story chapters of Final Fantasy XV, including main quests, subquests, hunting quests and tours.

Chapter 1: Departure

Regions: Leide (Hammerhead; Galdin Quay)
Main Quests: The Pauper Prince > Hunter Becomes the Hunted > The Mutant Murauder > The Errand Prince > A Gentleman’s Agreement > Ill Tidings
Sidequests: Highway Helper; Seach and Rescue; Tired of Running; Unlucky Driver; Scraps of Mystery I; Conceal, Don’t Feel; A Cry for Help; Gone Hunting; Broken-Down; Kitty Catering
Hunting Quests: Varmints of the Wastelands; Howling Wind of Hunger; The Hunter-Slaying Herd; Mineside Mischief Makers
Tours: Stirred Not Shaken; Hallowed Hill of Hammerhead; Rise and Shine and Run; Peace to the Beach

Chapter 2: No Turning Back

Regions: Leide (Prairie Outpost, Norduscaen Blockade)
Main Quests: Legacy > The Power of Kings > Declaration of War
Sidequests: Scraps of Mystery II; Scraps of Mystery III; Scraps of Mystery IV; Scraps of Mystery V; Dust to Dust; An Exaggerated Injury; Palpable Pain; Stranded on the Sand; Lost Without a Potion; The Aspiring Artisan; Hunters and Gatherers; Emergency Delivery; Scenic Delivery; Roadside Assistance; Distress in the Desert; Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic; The Ever Regal Regalia; The Ever Gleaming Regalia; The Ever Elegant Regalia; Scared and Stranded;
Hunts: Gorgers in the Dust
Tours: None

Chapter 3: The Open World

Regions: Duscae & Cleigne (North Region)
Main Quests: Burden of Expectation > A Behemoth Undertaking > Sword in the Waterfall
Sidequests: All By Myself; Accursed Curiosity; The Professor’s Protege; Fishing Buddies; Scraps of Mystery VI; Pilgrimage; Final Resting Plains; Trembling with Fear; Wild Beasts on the Open Road; Where the Wild Chocobos Are; Friends of a Feather; The Perfect Landscape; An Eye for Island; Ace of the Carapace; On the Hunt for a Harvest; Van, Interrupted; Mind the Trap; Fishing, Naturally; Almost out of Hope; Poor, Misfortunate Soul; Scraps of Mystery XI; One Tune-up Too Many
Hunting Quests: Beasts Wallos in the Wetlands; Galloping Garulas; A Behemoth Undertaking; Red in Tooth and Claw; Secure the Mountain Pass
Tours: Up Close and Personal; A Stroll for Two

Chapter 4: Living Legend

Regions: Duscae (West Region)
Main Quests: A Dubious Drive > Onward to the Disc > The Archaean > The Trial of Titan
Sidequests: New to the Road; The Jolly Joyrider; Scraps of Mystery VIII; Scraps of Mystery IX; Scraps of Mystery X; A Rocky End; Swallowed by Shadows; The Professor’s Protege – Yellow Frogs
Hunting Quests: None
Tours: The Chopping Block

Chapter 5: Dark Clouds

Regions: Duscae (East Region)
Main Quests: The Hexatheon’s Blessing > The Trial of Ramuh > Engaging the Empire
Sidequests: Bird on the Brink; A Feathery Feast; A Hurting Heart; A Stone-Studded Stunner; Scraps of Mystery VII; Wild About Onions; Vegging Out
Hunting Quests: Untamed Wild Horses; Thunder in Them Thar Hills; Exorcism of the Nebulawood
Tours: None

Chapter 6: A Way Forward

Regions: Cleigne (South Region)
Main Quests: All Set to Sail > Imperial Infiltration
Sidequests: Aftermat of the Astral War; Of Gods and Kings; Scraps of Mystery XIV; Tails Spin; Sting your Praises
Hunts: None
Tours: A Flower for Iris; Strike a Pose!

Chapter 7: Party of Three

Regions: Cleigne (Vesterpool Region)
Main Quests: Party of Three
Sidequests: The Ever Valorous Regalia
Hunting Quests: None
Tours: None

Chapter 8: Seaworthy

Regions: Cleigne
Main Quests: A Precious Source of Power > Brave New World
Sidequests: Living off the Land; Crazy about Cactuars; The Perfect Cup; A Feline Feast; Blame the Beasts!; Scraps of Mystery XII; Scraps of Mystery XIII
Hunting Quests: None
Tours: Liege of the Lake; Case of the Stolen Specs

Chapter 9: Callings

Regions: Altissia
Main Quests: Altissia, City on the Sea > The Summit > Into the Fray > The Trial of Leviathan
Sidequests: Symbol of Peace; A Cactuar of Marble
Hunting Quests: Bewitched Blade Stains the Waters; A Nightmare Upon the Water; Ill Weeds Grow in the Night; Back Alley Spook
Tours: None

Chapter 10: The Heart of a King

Regions: Cartanica Station
Main Quests: Off the Rails > The Hand of the King
Sidequests: None
Hunting Quests: None
Tours: None

Chapter 11: In the Dark

Regions: ???
Main Quests: Trouble on the Express Train
Sidequests: None
Hunting Quests: None
Tours: None

Chapter 12: End of Days

Regions: Tenebrae
Main Quests: No Turning Back > Where She Lived > Into the Arctic Crevasse > Breath of the Glacian
Sidequests: None
Hunts: None
Tours: None

Chapter 13: Redemption

Regions: Gralea
Main Quests: The Imperial Capital > A King’s Struggle > Zegnautus Keep>Reunion and Recovery
Sidequests: None
Hunting Quests: None
Tours: None

Chapter 14: Homecoming

Regions: Insomnia
Main Quests: World of Ruin > Head for the Crown City > The Cure for Insomnia > Head to the Throne Room
Sidequests: None
Hunting Quests: None
Tours: None

Chapter 15: Epilogue

Regions: Insomnia
Main Quests: Final Battle (Ardyn)
Sidequests: None
Hunting Quests: None
Tours: None

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  1. This is really my favourite Final Fantasy game, besides FFXII The Zodiac Age. Unlike many other adventure games, this one is really charming, the world is beautiful to explore, it feels fresh and alive, the interactions between characters are also nice and graceful, it truly feels like you’re not alone in this adventure.
    The fighting mechanic is absolutely brilliant, it’s fast paced and sort of a hack ‘n’ slash, which I really enjoy and prefer among all the games in the FF series.
    The story, while not as complex as in the other titles, it’s fairly simple to follow and that’s just fine by me. The game was still open to new DLCs and expansions to fill it even more but they were cancelled, unfortunately.

    It’s really sad to see the departure of FFXV’s director, just like that, without being able to continue developing and updating such an ambitious game Final Fantasy XV actually is.