Walkthrough Summary [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]


This page contains a summary of all walkthroughs of the story chapters of Final Fantasy XV, including main quests, subquests, hunting quests and tours.

Chapter 1: Departure

Regions: Leide (Hammerhead; Galdin Quay)
Main Quests: The Pauper Prince > Hunter Becomes the Hunted > The Mutant Murauder > The Errand Prince > A Gentleman’s Agreement > Ill Tidings
Sidequests: Highway Helper; Seach and Rescue; Tired of Running; Unlucky Driver; Scraps of Mystery I; Conceal, Don’t Feel; A Cry for Help; Gone Hunting; Broken-Down; Kitty Catering
Hunting Quests: Varmints of the Wastelands; Howling Wind of Hunger; The Hunter-Slaying Herd; Mineside Mischief Makers
Tours: Stirred Not Shaken; Hallowed Hill of Hammerhead; Rise and Shine and Run; Peace to the Beach

Chapter 2: No Turning Back

Regions: Leide (Prairie Outpost, Norduscaen Blockade)
Main Quests: Legacy > The Power of Kings > Declaration of War
Sidequests: Scraps of Mystery II; Scraps of Mystery III; Scraps of Mystery IV; Scraps of Mystery V; Dust to Dust; An Exaggerated Injury; Palpable Pain; Stranded on the Sand; Lost Without a Potion; The Aspiring Artisan; Hunters and Gatherers; Emergency Delivery; Scenic Delivery; Roadside Assistance; Distress in the Desert; Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic; The Ever Regal Regalia; The Ever Gleaming Regalia; The Ever Elegant Regalia; Scared and Stranded;
Hunts: Gorgers in the Dust
Tours: None

Chapter 3: The Open World

Regions: Duscae & Cleigne (North Region)
Main Quests: Burden of Expectation > A Behemoth Undertaking > Sword in the Waterfall
Sidequests: All By Myself; Accursed Curiosity; The Professor’s Protege; Fishing Buddies; Scraps of Mystery VI; Pilgrimage; Final Resting Plains; Trembling with Fear; Wild Beasts on the Open Road; Where the Wild Chocobos Are; Friends of a Feather; The Perfect Landscape; An Eye for Island; Ace of the Carapace; On the Hunt for a Harvest; Van, Interrupted; Mind the Trap; Fishing, Naturally; Almost out of Hope; Poor, Misfortunate Soul; Scraps of Mystery XI; One Tune-up Too Many
Hunting Quests: Beasts Wallos in the Wetlands; Galloping Garulas; A Behemoth Undertaking; Red in Tooth and Claw; Secure the Mountain Pass
Tours: Up Close and Personal; A Stroll for Two

Chapter 4: Living Legend

Regions: Duscae (West Region)
Main Quests: A Dubious Drive > Onward to the Disc > The Archaean > The Trial of Titan
Sidequests: New to the Road; The Jolly Joyrider; Scraps of Mystery VIII; Scraps of Mystery IX; Scraps of Mystery X; A Rocky End; Swallowed by Shadows; The Professor’s Protege – Yellow Frogs
Hunting Quests: None
Tours: The Chopping Block

Chapter 5: Dark Clouds

Regions: Duscae (East Region)
Main Quests: The Hexatheon’s Blessing > The Trial of Ramuh > Engaging the Empire
Sidequests: Bird on the Brink; A Feathery Feast; A Hurting Heart; A Stone-Studded Stunner; Scraps of Mystery VII; Wild About Onions; Vegging Out
Hunting Quests: Untamed Wild Horses; Thunder in Them Thar Hills; Exorcism of the Nebulawood
Tours: None

Chapter 6: A Way Forward

Regions: Cleigne (South Region)
Main Quests: All Set to Sail > Imperial Infiltration
Sidequests: Aftermat of the Astral War; Of Gods and Kings; Scraps of Mystery XIV; Tails Spin; Sting your Praises
Hunts: None
Tours: A Flower for Iris; Strike a Pose!

Chapter 7: Party of Three

Regions: Cleigne (Vesterpool Region)
Main Quests: Party of Three
Sidequests: The Ever Valorous Regalia
Hunting Quests: None
Tours: None

Chapter 8: Seaworthy

Regions: Cleigne
Main Quests: A Precious Source of Power > Brave New World
Sidequests: Living off the Land; Crazy about Cactuars; The Perfect Cup; A Feline Feast; Blame the Beasts!; Scraps of Mystery XII; Scraps of Mystery XIII
Hunting Quests: None
Tours: Liege of the Lake; Case of the Stolen Specs

Chapter 9: Callings

Regions: Altissia
Main Quests: Altissia, City on the Sea > The Summit > Into the Fray > The Trial of Leviathan
Sidequests: Symbol of Peace; A Cactuar of Marble
Hunting Quests: Bewitched Blade Stains the Waters; A Nightmare Upon the Water; Ill Weeds Grow in the Night; Back Alley Spook
Tours: None

Chapter 10: The Heart of a King

Regions: Cartanica Station
Main Quests: Off the Rails > The Hand of the King
Sidequests: None
Hunting Quests: None
Tours: None

Chapter 11: In the Dark

Regions: ???
Main Quests: Trouble on the Express Train
Sidequests: None
Hunting Quests: None
Tours: None

Chapter 12: End of Days

Regions: Tenebrae
Main Quests: No Turning Back > Where She Lived > Into the Arctic Crevasse > Breath of the Glacian
Sidequests: None
Hunts: None
Tours: None

Chapter 13: Redemption

Regions: Gralea
Main Quests: The Imperial Capital > A King’s Struggle > Zegnautus Keep>Reunion and Recovery
Sidequests: None
Hunting Quests: None
Tours: None

Chapter 14: Homecoming

Regions: Insomnia
Main Quests: World of Ruin > Head for the Crown City > The Cure for Insomnia > Head to the Throne Room
Sidequests: None
Hunting Quests: None
Tours: None

Chapter 15: Epilogue

Regions: Insomnia
Main Quests: Final Battle (Ardyn)
Sidequests: None
Hunting Quests: None
Tours: None

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