Walkthrough Chapter 15 – Epilogue [Final Fantasy XV]

This page contains a detailed walkthrough of Chapter 15 – Epilogue in Final Fantasy XV, including quests, objectives, items, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Walkthrough Chapter 15 – Epilogue

Final Boss Battle – Ardyn Izunia


Ardyn usually moves with multiple quick attacks, so avoid or block his attacks until he stops. Strike Ardyn after he ends his barrage. He will also use powerful ice magic, so avoid it using a dodge roll.


Since Ardyn also has map shift and shift break, he moves quite similar to Noctis. Block and parry his attacks as much as possible to avoid damage. The key to defeating the boss is to counter his attacks.


Ardyn will sometimes clash swords with Noctis, so keep pressing the square button in order to make him vulnerable, then attack in rapid succession.



Watch the final cutscene.

When you load the clear data, it is resumed before the final boss battle.

To return to the open world to do unfinished side quests, go to a rest point and select the option to talk to Umbra, then choose to be taken back to the past.

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  1. I really love playing FFXV but the last chapter was really deppressing I mean I am expecting that Noctis (the successor of the throne) will rule over the kingdom despite of his loss as Lunafreya died earlier in the chapter. After beating Ardyn and the Imperial Army. As he bid farewell to his friends after winning over Ardyn my heart was broken and I know that he will not come back alive. The fate of the Royal Blood Family was very sad and tragic.

  2. Just completed, selected a save box after watching cutscene. Now when I load this save box it brings me to before I fought ardyn in the citadel??! WTF! What’s all this talk about post-game? I know I can call umbra to go back, will that then be classed as ‘post-game’??!

    • The save file itself is embedded with completion data that will unlock otherwise unavailable content by travel to past locations ie post game quests et . There are no more chapters to be had once you defeat Ardyn.

  3. Good game. I liked it and I played all final fantasy games from day 1 and this one is quiet different from all. It’s sad because in this one the hero dies out of existence.

  4. I personally managed to beat the game being only level 39… It’s really not that hard folks.Buy the greatsword and daggers at hammerhead before you head into crown city, use the wrap points, get a bunch of abilities in the ‘combat’ tree to boost your attack… I only used 30 potions and 5 phoenix for the whole of chapters 14. It’s doable without being level 50+!

  5. Before you fight adryn make sure you are at least at a high level. Level 44 is recommended but 50 is ideal. Do some of those photography quests in lestallum the dude gives a lot of money. Then buy 99 potions that will be about 5,000 or less gil. Eat some food that gives you good stat boost. When you are fighting adryn wait until he attacks, Adryn will do barrage of attacks and then stops, that’s your chance to attack. Use some atrack, defense potions, flesh out your combat in the ascension grid. Keep on trying, use armiger when it’s available make sure you upgrade that in the ascension grid too.
    I was lvl 77 while fighting Adryn on my first gameplay.
    Second I was at lvl 52 and the battle lasted for about 37 mins.
    I used Ulric Kukris while fighting him, it’s unlock able in chapter 14 itself.
    The best thing would be using health accessories
    If your at lvl 60 or above the fight should be a breeze.
    Hope this helped.

  6. What you would do is you would take the elevator back down, go to the nearby rest point and call umbra to go back to the past. Then you will be back in Lucis and able to go and buy potions. From there I think you might be able to go to a rest point and call umbra again in order to return to the Crown city.

    • You can actually call Umbria at one of the rest stations to go back to the past. You can get EXP, Gil + items this way.

  7. Unfortunately, you’re screwed. (Actually I don’t really know but I haven’t seen a way and I’m currently fighting ardyn as well

    • There will be an icon in your save file which signifies that you’ve finished the game. Load that file and then go to a nearby rest point. Talk to Umbra and choose to be taken back to the past. Hope that helps!