Royal Arms: A Guide [Final Fantasy XV]


Sometimes, when you battle beasts and bandits in the land of Eos, you will have to use weapons that are both costly for you as well as for your enemies. These are called Royal Arms. Found in tombs of past kings, Royal Arms deplete Noctis’ maximum HP while dealing a 100% damage against almost every opponent. These weapons are vital in the more harder battles in Final Fantasy XV.

Royal Arms Stats

Sword of the Wise (Attack: 194)

  • This sword’s handling is similar to a regular sword. However, it does perform a two-hit warp-strike with a delayed second hit. (HP cost: 0.84/12% + 0.42/6%)
  • The initial hit of a blitz combo is the strongest, with a damage modifier of 1.4, instead of the finale, which has a damage modifier of 0.7. This is one of the best moves in the game if you combine it with the move’s distance-closing properties.
  • Could be used for hit and run tactics.
  • A backflip as a backward directional attack

Blade of the Mystic (Attack: 396)

  • Handles similarly to a greatsword that’s combo friendly.
  • The initial blitz is slow. However, the next attacks are quick.
  • Noctis fires three arcing projectiles toward the enemy as he stands in place, and then warps forward, delivering a physical attack with a damage modifier of 0.35 for each projectile as well as the physical attack; HP cost is 15% only for the physical attack.
  • Pausing at anytime when Noctis performs a blitz combo triggers a unique Tenacious self-buff that increases his strength by 100 for 10 seconds. While this may be repeatable, it does not stack with any existing tenacious effect.

Trident of the Oracle (Attack: 388)

  • This weapon handles similarly to a pole arm.
  • It creates an afterimage of Noctis after each attack that persists briefly, performing up to three additional attacks at that location with a damage modifier of 0.42 each.
  • This weapon performs an aerial diving warp-strike that consists of up to three hits, with a damage modifier or HP cost of 0.49/14% + 0.7/3% + 1.4/24% as well as follow-up afterimage attacks with a damage modifier of 0.49  per hit.

Scepter of the Pious (Attack: 237, Magic: + 150)

  • This weapon uses its Magic stat in damage calculation.
  • It performs a two-hit aerial warp-strike, with a damage modifier or HP cost of 0.49/7% + 0.63/13.5%.
  • This is a unique weapon that assumes different forms based on directional input.

Sword of the Tall (Attack: 518)

  • This sword handles similarly to a greatsword.
  • It features a serrated blade, dealing multiple hits with every attack. Its later hits deal higher damage, with a damage modifier range of 0.07-0.14.
  • This weapon performs a warp-strike capable of dealing more than 10 hits, with a damage modifier or HP cost of 0.07/1%, 0.21/3% with the last hit.
  • It has a breakage multiplier of 0.50 applied to all attacks, excluding warp-strikes.

Bow of Cleaver (Attack:203, Magic: + 70)

  • The magic stat is considered in damage calculation for this weapon.
  • It handles quite similarly to a firearm. However, it offers the mobility of daggers.
  • Regular attacks have a maximum range of 80 feet, and are subject to a range modifier. However, you should note that this weapon’s projectiles are slow. You could miss from a distance.
  • While the attacks have a lower damage modifier of 0.49, the bow could pierce enemies.
  • It deals bonus damage to enemies in the vulnerable condition.
  • This weapon performs a special warp-strike that stops in front of the enemies to shoot three arows rapidly at close range. This has a damage modifier/HP cost of 0.35/5% x 3.

Star of the Rogue (Attack: 177)

  • This weapon handles like a long-range pair of daggers/
  • It performs a multi-hit warp-strike, ending with a backward evasive flip.
  • Its damage modifier/HP cost is 0.32/4.5% for the first hit, and 0.14/3% for subsequent hits.
  • This enables aerial attacks with directional input during Blitz.
  • Normal attacks pierce enemies.
  • It has a maximum range of 130 feet for regular attacks, and 65 feet for warp-strikes.

Mace of the Fierce (Attack: 334)

  • This weapon handles similarly to a greatsword.
  • It attacks very slowly. However, all its attacks are break-capable.
  • It performs a slow two-hit warp strike, with a damage modifier/HP cost of 0.28/8% + 0.49/14%.
  • Every other attack including parries have a damage modifier of 0.7. In spite of this, the mace features huge breakage multipliers:
Attack Type Breakage Multiplier
Standard 2.0
Blitz initial hit 2.5
Blitz finale 2.5
Aerial 2.5
Parry 3.0
Warp-strike (2 hits) 2.0 + 3.0
  • This weapon is for breaking the enemy with well-timed attacks instead of mindlessly charging him.

Swords of the Wanderer (Attack: 156)

  • This sword handles similarly to daggers when dual-wielded during a blitz combo. It has weaker mid-blitz attacks overall (damage modifier: 0.56).
  • Performs a multi-hit warp-strike (damage modifier/HP cost: 0.28/4% per hit, but 0.63/9% with the last hit).
  • This weapon provides slower, more focused hits in combined form as a forward directional attack.
  • It also enables an evasive leap, followed by an aerial dive attack as a sideways or backward directional attack.

Shield of the Just (Attack:  251, Strength: -100)

  • It handles nearly exactly as a regular shield, including the warp-strike (damage modifier/HP cost: 0.49/7%).
  • Noctis enters a defensive stance similar to cover status if you hold down square or x. There is a bonus HP regeneration, however, it also drains MP.
  • This might be most useful as a healing tool for players who don’t use too much MP.

Sword of the Father (Attack: 141, Strength: +100)

  • This handles similarly to the Sword of the Wise, but with unique attack animations, one of which is a three-hit warp-strike (damage modifier/HP cost: 0.42/6%) that features follow-up afterimage attacks (damage modifier: 0.21 per hit).
  • This sword enalbes a unique Tenacious self-buff by performing a blitz finale, increasing Noctis’ strength by 200 for 5 seconds. While repeatable, this skll does not stack with any existing Tenacious effect.

Axe of the Conqueror (Attack: 483, Strength)

  • This weapon handles similarly to a greatsword.
  • It performs a warp strike from the air, with a damage modifier/HP cost of 1.4/42%.
  • It enables an aerial diving attack as a forward directional attack.

Katana of the Warrior (Attack: 361)

  • This weapon handles similarly to a sword. However, it has extended range and much faster Blitz combos after the first hit.
  • This weapon performs a delayed, single-hit warp-strike, with a damage modifier/HP cost of 0.49/10.5%. Successive warp strikes could be chained extremely quickly.


This article hopefully briefs you on the many, many royal arms you will be able to use throughout Eos. While they give you penalties for using them, they will also wreak havoc against the many, many enemies you find littered throughout the world of Final Fantasy XV. Finding the royal arms is a different story. Please see this article in order to know where they are hidden.

Source: Final Fantasy XV Guidebook, p. 285-287

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