[Injustice 2] Gear Farming Guide (Common, Rare and Epic)

This page contains a gear farming guide on how to easily obtain epic, rare and common rarity equipment Injustice 2. These include the games modes and methods to use to obtain the best gear in the game. You can also check out our gear guides for each of the characters in Injustice 2.

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Gear Farming Guide

Gear can be obtained through a number of ways in Injustice 2. Unfortunately, you’ll need to get lucky to get the best gear from any of the methods.

Obtaining and Opening Mother Boxes

Opening Mother Boxes is one of the most common ways of obtaining various types and rarities of gear in the game. Mother Boxes can be obtained through any of the available games modes, including Story Mode, as well as Daily Challenges. Of course, credits are the most common rewards in the game, so you won’t always get Mother Boxes as rewards. But you can purchase Mother Boxes using credits as well.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Mother Boxes are the ones that are relatively easy to obtain throughout gameplay. Each of them has a chance of giving you a gear of a certain rarity, with Gold the most likely to give you the best ones (Epic rarity). Bronze Mother Boxes can be purchased for 1,000 Credits, Silver for 5,000 and Gold for 25,000.

The most reliable way to obtain Epic gear is to get Platinum and Diamond Mother Boxes. They are usually obtained by completing difficult challenges in certain games modes, or through matchups with other players. You’ll also have a chance to obtain them by joining a Guild and taking part in events. Diamond Mother Boxes will get guarantee you three Epic gear. Platinum will give a minimum of one per box.

Lastly, you can also obtain Mother Boxes by leveling up your characters. This applies to every hero, even the DLC characters in the game.

Playing Through Story Mode

You can also obtain gear by playing through Story Mode. Occasionally, you can obtain Epic ones as well. Keep in mind that you’ll most likely obtain gear that suits the character you used to win with.

Playing Through Multiverse Mode

As mentioned in earlier, you’ll be able to obtain various types of Mother Boxes in Multiverse mode. The harder the challenges is, the more likely it is to obtain Diamond and Platinum Mother Boxes that guarantee the best gear.

Completing Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges will also net you Mother Boxes of different rarities. Be sure to watch for when you can do Challenges that reward Diamond and Platinum Mother Boxes. Of course, they won’t be easy!

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