[Injustice 2] Best Characters for Each Play Style

This article contains a guide for play style for Injustice 2.

Best Characters for Each Play style

For Injustice 2, there are three different play styles. These play styles depend on the personality of the person who uses the character. Each play style works a different way on different characters. Thus, some characters may counter another especially when using them in either ranked games.

Zoning: Darkseid or Scarecrow

When looking for something to use for zoning and keeping your enemy under control, Darkseid or Scarecrow can do the trick. For those who pre-ordered, they will have access to Darkseid and you’ll be able to cut off your enemies. This gives them less room to maneuver while giving you a chance to beat them down. However, should you not have pre-ordered, Scarecrow will do. His Death Spin will keep enemies at bay.

For Darkseid’s combo list and strategies, click here.

For Scarecrow’s combo list and strategies, click here.

Rush Down: Black Canary

Black Canary has a variety of attacks that can fill up a meter bar easy. Her Canary Cry can easily pair up with her heavy attack (which is either a somersault or a throw down kick) which you can send them flying into the wall. Once the enemy’s walled down, Black Canary can rush in with a variety of combos which you can use your super move to take the enemy out.

For Black Canary’s combo list and strategies, click here.

Other possible Rush Down style characters: Batman

Trap: Captain Cold

Captain Cold however is a bit hard to use and requires a patient play style to figure out his combos. He does have a lot of freezing attacks which can freeze an enemy and leave them open. In doing so, it makes up for his slow speed. Unlike the other Trap-like characters, Captain Cold’s versatility in terms of how he uses his freeze blasts allows a player to adapt to any situation.

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