[Injustice 2] Invasion (The Flash) – Story Mode Chapter 4

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Invasion (The Flash) – Story Mode Chapter 4

Injustice 2’s Story Mode Chapter 4 – Invasion tells of the coming of Braniac and the start of his takeover of planet Earth. Coming out of exile, The Flash races to do what he can to stop Braniac at all costs, having come to terms with his past actions of siding with Superman during the days of the Regime. Not surprisingly, he must fight his way through the chaos that has ensued.


Battle Encounters

Below is a summary of all characters encountered in this chapter and their respective stages in sequence.

Story Progress Opponent Stage
1 Captain Cold Metropolis
2 Deadshot Metropolis
3 Reverse Flash Gotham City – Theatre
4 Green Lantern Gotham City – Theatre

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