[Injustice 2] Tips and Tricks: Credits Farming Method

This article contains some tips and tricks to earn credits.

Credits Farming: How To Farm Credits

Credits is one of the forms of in-game cash that you can use to buy certain skins. However, this form of currency is usually low in amount after defeating enemies. The thing is, certain items can take such a long time to farm credits for. However, there’s no need to fret. There is a particular way to farm those little things.

Battle Simulation: Endless Battle.

When you head into the Multiverse, there’s a small world on the side known as the Battle Simulation. There, you have a particular task known as the Endless Battle. You’ll be pit against a variety of enemies which earn credits per round.

Look for gears with “Affluent” effect.

The Affluent effect is what increases the amount of credits that you can earn per round. While we haven’t confirmed if the effects stack, it’s still useful to have the Affluent ability in effect. Normally, this effect is best seen in he Multiverse where you can also go Gear Farming.

Sell useless gear.

After reaching a certain level, you may as well get rid of some of the gears that you don’t need. It’s not as if they can be transferred to another character. So, to keep your inventory clean instead of having you to dig through things, sell either duplicates or the useless ones.

Battle AI Simulation Farm.

While this is also considered a Level Up method, this also can (possibly) earn you credits in the progress. There’s also some loot boxes that you can get for your non-trouble. The only trouble you’ll probably have is having to watch over the button to make sure the battle continues on.

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