[Injustice 2] Tips and Tricks: Rerolling Gear

This article contains tips and tricks on how to reroll gear.

Rerolling Gear

The most annoying part in trying to find the right gear is constantly rerolling gear. Why would you do this? It’s to get the maximum output in your character. In doing so, you’ll not only fare well in the different modes in Injustice 2 but you’ll also retain the swag of your character. Think of it being similar to the transmuting system of other RPG games where you can retain the looks but change the stats to adapt to your style.

How To Reroll:

The first thing you need to begin rerolling gear is you need a gear of choice and a Regen Token. Once you have those items, head into the Brother Eye menu.  There, you’ll unlock Mother Boxes. After that, press R1/ RB or right on the D-pad to hit the Regen Menu. Once you reach there, you can choose the character who has a piece you want to reroll. Then, choose the piece of gear you want. After that, pray to RNGesus for a bit before spending your hard-earned Regen Token.

When the process completes, you’ll then have two pieces of gear: the original and the new and enhanced version. With that, the newer piece will now match the character’s level. But not just that, the stats and perks will change. Once you receive the armor piece, you can choose if you want to keep the armor of choice.

Tip: Use a low level epic gear since it probably has good effects and most likely, good stats. 

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