[Injustice 2] Tips for Beginners – Getting Started

This article contains some tips and tricks on how to enjoy Injustice 2.

Tips for Beginners – Getting Started

Now just like every fighting game, there are some fun times and also competitive times. Here in Injustice 2, you get to do a variety of things. Things such as finish the story, dress your character with some swag, and also challenge other players online are what give Injustice 2 its spunk. But before you continue playing Injustice 2, here are some tips for playing and enjoying Injustice 2:

Watch or Play Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Since this is the second part of Injustice, you’re going to need a crash course on it. If you can’t start playing Injustice: Gods Among Us, at least try to watch it. That way, you can get filled in on what had happened lately. Your questions such as ‘why is Superman in prison?’, ‘where’s Lois Lane?’, ‘what happened to the other Teen Titans?’ will all be answered.

Download and link up your Injustice 2 mobile game.

Unlike most games, Injustice 2 for the PS4 and Xbox One can link up with your mobile game. Because of this, you can transfer some of the items you have in your mobile game. This will give you some cross-promotional awards. No need to worry about buying it. Injustice 2 for mobile is a freemium (it’s Free) with some in-game cash items. If you manage to cross it, you’ll unlock Cyborg’s Grid Skin off the bat.

Play the story mode.

If you’re going through the game, the first thing you do is go through the story mode. Playing through the story mode will have you learn about each character intimately. In doing so, you’ll not only learn about the storyline but also figure out who’s character style fits your combat style the best. Once you do finish story mode, you get to choose the chapter to play. If you really want to go full 100% for the story, this function can be most especially useful.

Click here for our Story Mode Guide.

Understand the clash mechanic.

While the clash mechanic is fancy to look at, you have to learn this mechanic for a bit. If you win the clash, you can heal up. If you lose, you lose a lot of health. While you’re playing, it can be quite tempting to burn your entire clash bar. But take note, doing so leaves you vulnerable as you can’t use your Super move.

Join a Guild.

Nothing better than joining a guild. Not only will this help in leveling up your character but, you’ll also learn how to build your character. Besides. some missions are only limited to the guild in the Multiverse. Also, there are some loot boxes that are available only in guild missions.

Click here for a leveling guide.

Play Multiverse.

The Multiverse will expand your story and indulge your inner nerd. Not just that, the multiverse allows you to farm. Yes, you can farm gear and character experience points. The best part is, you’ll have different challenges that may either be a handicap or an advantage to you in battle.

Create a defending team.

Here in Injustice 2, you can create a team that can be pit to other teams. You’ll have AIs fighting against one another. Not only is this a hack for leveling up but, this also allows you to farm some gear and grab loot boxes. You can have your team randomly seek out AI battles which will level up your character even without you fighting.

Check your loot boxes.

The moment you get your loot boxes, open them right away. The loot inside the boxes doesn’t level as you go along and are level locked the moment you get them. For example, if you get a loot box at level 7, all the gear inside the loot box will be at level 7.

Manage your gear.

While stats are important, so is swag and your inventory space. So, if you have any armour, check them out and check their stats. That way, you can check them out and decide if you should sell them or not. If you do sell them, you get some in-game cash which can help you level up your character as you go along. And if you find some awesome and swag looking gear, keep it. If you have a Regen Token, you can reroll it.

Also, take note of the stats. The stats can play a big part especially in Multiverse and Multiplayer. Stats can either mess up or improve your character’s performance in Multiplayer and Multiverse.

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 Play Multiplayer and #gitgud.

Well, you are playing a fighting game. Competition is the name of the game. Play against other players to learn about new builds, make new friends, and most of all – you’ll level up faster.

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Most of all, have fun!

Remember, this is a game and not a real war. While there is a tier system, there’s no need to feel salty if you slide down a difficulty notch or two. No need to panic if your win/lose ratio looks terrible. Sometimes, you just didn’t earn the blessing of RNGesus. Besides, there’s still a lot of good stuff asides from the competitive part.

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