Splatoon 3 - Brush Weapons List

A list of all Brushes in Splatoon 3. These are in-game weapons and the list includes the weapon name, sub weapon, special, and many more.

Splatoon 3 - Brush Weapons List

Brush Weapons List in Splatoon 3

Below is a list of all Brush weapons in Splatoon 3, including weapon name, sub weapon, and special weapon.

All Main Weapon List

Name Sub Special
Splatoon 3 - InkbrushInkbrush Splatoon 3 - Splat BombSplat Bomb Splatoon 3 - Icon Killer Wail 5.1Killer Wail 5.1
Splatoon 3 - OctobrushOctobrush Splatoon 3 - Icon Suction BombSuction Bomb Splatoon 3 - ZipcasterZipcaster

Splatoon 3 All Weapons Lists

All Weapon Lists
 Main Weapons Sub Weapons Special Weapons
Shooter Weapons Blaster Weapons Charger Weapons
Brush Weapons Brella Weapons Roller Weapons
Slosher Weapons Splatling Weapons Dualie Weapons

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