Splatoon 3 - Sub Weapons List

Sub weapons list for Splatoon 3, including the new and returning sub weapon names, sub effects, base damages, and ink consumption.

Splatoon 3 - Sub Weapons List

Sub Weapons List in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 - Sub Weapons List

Below is a list of sub-weapons in Splatoon 3, including sub-weapon name, description, base damage, and ink consumption.

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List of New Sub Weapons

Name Effect Base Damage Ink consumption
Splatoon 3 - Angle ShooterAngle Shooter A sub weapon that fires straight forward and leaves a line in its path. Opponents that are hit directly will take damage, and those that touch the remaining line will be marked. When a shot hits a solid surface, it will bounce off of it and continue in a straight line. 30 Around 40%

List of Returning Sub Weapons

Name Effect Base Damage Splash Damage
Splatoon 3 - AutobombAutobomb A bomb that automatically seeks out opponents. It will search for opponents in the area that you throw it, and if it finds one, it will automatically start walking toward them. When it approaches an opponent, it stops and explodes. 180
Splatoon 3 - Icon Burst BombBurst Bomb A bomb that explodes as soon as it hits anything. The explosion is small and not that powerful, but these bombs can be thrown repeatedly without consuming too much ink.
Splatoon 3 - Curling BombCurling Bomb A bomb that moves in a straight line, inking the ground before it explodes. It also bounces off walls! You can adjust the length of time until detonation by holding down R. 180
Splatoon 3 - Fizzy BombFizzy Bomb A bomb loaded with special carbonated ink. Hold R to build power, then unleash up to three explosions. Shake the controller, move the Stick, or mash buttons to build up power faster! 35
Splatoon 3 - Ink MineInk Mine A trap that you place on the ground. When an opponent gets close, it activates, marking that opponent. It’ll also activate if inked by an opponent. You can place two at once. 45 35
Splatoon 3- Icon Point SensorPoint Sensor A device that marks the enemies in the area where it lands. This will reveal their location to every member of your team.
Splatoon 3 - Splash Wall Splash Wall A device that erects a wall of ink in front of you that blocks enemy intrusion and attacks. Attacks from enemies will speed up the time it takes for the wall to come down. You can only place one at a time. 30 30
Splatoon 3 - Splat BombSplat Bomb A bomb that explodes a short time after it lands. It inks the area around it when it explodes and can even take out opponents. 180
Splatoon 3 - Icon SprinklerSprinkler A device that attaches to the ground or to walls and sprays ink. It operates at full power right when you place it but gradually gets weaker. You can only place one at a time. 20
Splatoon 3 - Icon Squid BeakonSquid Beakon A device that emits a signal that Inklings and Octolings can detect. You can Super Jump to a teammate’s Squid Beakon by selecting it and pressing A. You can place up to three at a time. They’re usually single use, but allies who don’t have the jump beacon equipped can use them twice.
Splatoon 3 - Icon Suction BombSuction Bomb A bomb that attaches to the ground and walls. It takes longer to explode than the Splat Bombs and spreads ink further. 180 30
Splatoon 3 - Icon TorpedoTorpedo A sub weapon that flies toward your enemies. When thrown near an enemy, it changes shape and targets the foe, exploding on impact and splatting ink everywhere. You can shoot down enemy torpedoes. 60 35
Splatoon 3 - Toxic MistToxic Mist A bottle that sprays the fluid of a certain creature in mist form. Opponents caught in the mist move slower and their ink is slightly reduced. The longer an enemy is in the mist, the stronger the effect becomes.

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