Splatoon 3 - New Idols: Deep Cut Trio

An overview of the new idols, Deep Cut Trio in Splatoon 3. This guide talks about each member of the new idol and their appearances.

Splatoon 3 - New Idols List

New Idols in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 - Deep Cut Idols

In the upcoming game Splatoon 3, a newly introduced idols will be appearing in-game and they have their very own news program called: The Anarchy Splatcast.

The Deep Cut Trio

Splatoon 3 - New Idols

Players will get to meet the Deep Cut, the very popular and known trio throughout the Splatsville. The group members are, Shiver, Frye and Big Man. They also host a Splatsville news program called, Anarchy Splatcast where they provide information on the latest news on Splatfests, battle stages, and other news.


Splatoon 3 - Shiver Image

An Octoling with a blue-violet hair and red eyes, has sharp teeth and wears three piercing on her right ear. She is known to be the coolest member as the Sharks calls her cold-blooded as she makes them shiver.


Splatoon 3 - Frye

An Inkling with a yellow hair and yellow pupils, has sparkling eyes and also wears three piercing on her right ear. She is known to be the energetic member as she has a lively and cheerful personality.

Big Man

Splatoon 3 - Big Man

A large gray manta ray who is also part of the Anarchy Splatcast with Shiver and Frye.

Anarchy Rainbow by Deep Cut

Source: Nintendo YouTube Channel

As they are called Idols, the Deep Cut trio also makes their music and performs on stage. They also made their debut with the song, Anarchy Rainbow on the official Nintendo YouTube Channel.

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