Splatoon 3 - Gear List

All gear equipment list (headgear, clothing, and shoes) in Splatoon 3, including their ability and slots in the game.

Splatoon 3 - Gear Equipment List and Abilities

Gear Equipment List in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 - Gear Equipment List and Abilities

Below is a list of gear equipment in Splatoon 3. There are three types of equipment which are headgear, clothing, and shoes.

For a list of all gear abilities, check this page:

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How to acquire gear

Splatoon 3 - Splatsville How to acquire Gear Equipment

Go to Splatsville and visit these gear shops:

  • Naut Couture
  • Man-o’-Wardrobe
  • Crush Station

List of Headgear

Splatoon 3 - Naut Couture Headgear Gear List

Headgear is equipped either on the head or face of your character. Headgear includes face masks and headphones.

Splatoon 3 Headgear List and Abilities

Annaki Charms BlobMob Mask Bream-Brim Cap
Bucket Hat Cephalo Pods Classic Bowler
Cycling Cap Designer Headphones Double Egg Shades
Enchanted Hat FishFry Biscuit Bandana FishFry Visor
Forge Mask Half-Rim Glasses Home-Team Catcher
Howdy Hat Ink-Black Flap Cap Ink-Tinted Goggles
Invisifloats Jean Dream Bucket Knitted Hat
Moto Shades Ocho OctoPhones Party Hard Hat
Splash Goggles Squid Hairclip Squidband
Squidbeak Shield Squidvader Cap Streetstyle Cap
Studio Headphones Swim Goggles Takoroka Mesh
Tennis Headband Urchins Cap White Headband

List of Clothing

Splatoon 3 - Man-o'-Wardrobe Clothing Gear List

Clothing is equipped to cover your character’s body. When it comes to the bottom clothing, it can only be customized through character creation. Clothing includes a variety of tops such as sweaters and t-shirts.

Splatoon 3 Clothing List and Abilities

Apple Ringer Barazushi Black Tee Barazushi Rice Tee
Berry BlobMob Tee Black Polo Black Squideye
Black Tee Blue Peaks Tee Button-Clown Shirt
Chili Octo Aloha Choco Layered LS Dusty Field Jacket
Fancyfish Stitch Gray Vector Tee Green Tee
Inkfall Shirt Khaki Ranger Vest Lumberjack Shirt
Octosquid Tandem Tee Pineapple Ringer Rockenberg Black
Sailot-Stripe Tee School Cardigan A School Uniform A
Seahorse Shoreliner Splatfest Tee Squidmark Sweat
Tri-Octo Tee Tri-Shred Tee Tri-Squid Tee
Umibozu Home Jersey Vaporwave Tee White 8-Bit FishFry
White Layered LS Yellow Layered LS Zapfish Satin Jacket
Zekko Baseball LS

List of Shoes

Splatoon 3 - Crush Station Shoe Gear List

Shoes are equipped to cover your character’s feet. Shoes include sandals and leather dress shoes in a variety of styles.

Splatoon 3 Shoe List and Abilities

Arrow Toesies Blu Baggy-Sock Fringe Loafs Baggy-Sock Fringe Loafs
BlobMob Flip-Flops Blue & Black Squidkid IV Blue Lo-Tops
Cyan Dadfoot Sandals Cyan Trainers Dark-Roast Boaties
Desert Chukkas E-JECT 30XX Force Reboots
Hunter Hi-Tops Mako Bucket Hi-Tops Orange Arrows
Orange Dadfoot Sandals Oyster Clogs Pink Dadfoot Sandals
Pink Trainers Purple Hi-Horses Red Hi-Horses
School Shoes + Hi Socks Slamgerine Slip-Ons Snow Delta Straps
Suede Bosses Sunset Orca Hi-Tops Tan Work Boots
Tenya OctoReds U Jellys Wasabi Tabi
White 3-Straps Yellow Fishfry Sandals Zombie Hi-Horses

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