Splatoon 3 - Tips for Beginners

Tips for beginners in Splatoon 3, including some general advice to guide new players on the best game control set-up (stick or motion controls), best main weapons for beginners, and other useful information.

Splatoon 3 - Tips for Beginners

Tips for Beginners in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 - Tips for Beginners

Choosing between stick and motion controls.

Before jumping into an online battle, try to decide whether you want to use stick or motion controls (gyro) for learning the game. It is, however, highly recommended to use the latter configuration as this will help you aim with more precision, making you a better player in the long run.

How to Turn-off Motion Controls

You should also remember to tweak the camera sensitivity when playing with motion controls. Try experimenting with different settings to find one that you are most comfortable with.

Maining weapons.

Splatoon 3’s wide arsenal of weapons may overwhelm you if you are new to the game. While it is okay to choose any weapon you find fun to use, you will want to try out weapons that are well-suited to beginners on your first few matches.

Best Weapons Guides

You can check out our Best Weapons guides from the table below.

Best Weapons Guides
Best Weapons for Beginners Weapon Tier List Best Special Weapons
Best Weapons for Each Game Mode
Best Weapons for Splat Zone Mode Best Weapons for Tower Control Mode Best Weapons for Clam Blitz Mode
Best Weapons for Rainmaker Mode

Among the best armaments to pick up as you get comfortable with the game’s various mechanics are the iconic Splattershot, Aerospray MG, Splattershot Jr. and N-ZAP ’85. Not only are these weapons easy to get good results early on, they are among the most versatile and will serve you well even after you have put in hundreds of hours in competitive play.

Avoiding getting splatted as much as possible.

Having as many teammates actively working toward the objective is important during every second of a match. When first starting out, try to avoid rushing into firefights by yourself or lagging to far behind from your group to avoid getting picked off easily by the enemy team.

Getting familiar with each map.

As you play through more online matches, try to get familiar with vantage points, passages, choke points, and dead ends found on each map. Doing so lets you use the terrain to your advantage when flanking enemies or looking for a quick escape when surrounded.

Setting gear abilities that synergize with your weapon.

As much as possible, equip gear with abilities that bank on the strengths and unique characteristics of your weapon. Alternatively, you can also go for skills that compensate for certain drawbacks that your weapon suffers from such granting you reduced movement speed, short effective range, or low damage-per-second.

Working as a team.

All matches in Splatoon 3 are largely won by a team that works together. As you climb up the competitive ranks, you will begin to observe that individual skill without group coordination will not be enough to dominate turf battles. Always try to focus on the collective goal rather than simply racking up kills in a game.

It is also a good idea to always be mindful of your allies’ loadouts as these will usually dictate what role they will play in the match. Be aware of the strengths and weaknesses afforded by each weapon you and your teammates are using to know how to support them during firefights and other critical moments.

Lastly, it is generally a good rule-of-thumb to not expect too much from allies as you will often set yourself up for disappointment. Take each mistake, loss, or missed opportunity as a learning experience and simply enjoy the game.

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