Splatoon 3 - Save Data Transfer Bonuses

Save data transfer bonuses guide for Splatoon 3, including all special benefits and rewards, how to carry over player progress from Splatoon 2 to the game, and other useful information.

Splatoon 3 - Save Data Transfer Bonuses

Save Data Transfer Bonuses for Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 - Lobby

Splatoon 3 allows you to transfer your progress from Splatoon 2, allowing you to receive special bonuses and benefits at the start of the game. Note that an internet connection is also required to claim the save data transfer rewards listed below.

Do You Need Nintendo Online Subscription?

Splatoon 2 Game Data Benefits

Gold Sheldon Licenses

Players who carry over their Splatoon 2 save data to Splatoon 3 will be rewarded with three (3) Gold Sheldon License which can be traded in to obtain main weapons regardless of player level.

How to Get Sheldon Licenses

Anarchy Battles Instant Unlock

Players will also be able to join Anarchy Battles immediately at the start of the game without having to reach the required player level to unlock them.

Player Rank and Matchmaking

Player Rank from Splatoon 2 will carry over to Splatoon 3 and will allow players to get matched against other people of similar skill levels from the previous game.

How to Transfer Splatoon 2 Save Data to Splatoon 3

To transfer your Splatoon 2 save data, simply launch Splatoon 3 or enter the lobby while connected to the internet. Note that Splatoon 2 save data can only be transferred once per Nintendo Account. In addition, your Splatoon 2 save file must be on the same system with the same Nintendo Switch user account.

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