Stellar Blade - Tips for Beginner

Tips for beginner in Stellar Blade (Project EVE), including useful tips for battle, exploration, and equipment.

Stellar Blade - Tips for Beginner

Tips for Beginner in Stellar Blade (Project EVE)

You can change the length of the ponytail

Eve’s ponytail comes in two lengths: long and short, and you can change it at any time from the options. Adjust it to suit your taste and the costume.

Skin Suit will Disable Shield

Basically, even if you change the appearance of the nano suit, Eve’s performance does not change. However, as an exception, the shield will only be disabled when the Nanosuit is changed to a Skin Suit.

Even if gear of the same type is equipped the effects will stack

Each gear has three types of rarity, each with a different degree of effectiveness. If you equip gears of the same type with different rarities, all effects will be activated and stacks. For example, if you equip both Defense Gear ★★ (reduction rate +6.5%) and Defense Gear ★ (reduction rate +4.5%), the reduction rate will be 11%.

You can change the size of bars such as HP

You can change the size of the display area (HUD) such as the HP bar and shield at the bottom left in the settings. The default setting is “medium”, so change the size to suit your preference. You cannot change the size of the enemy’s HP bar, etc.

Change Setting Location

You can adjust the size of the HUD in the settings interface. You can also add a background to your HUD in the Visual Support section of Accessibility.

The glowing parts that appear when using repulse are weak points

If you successfully executed repulse, some enemies will have glowing parts (weak points). When repulse is successful, your long-range attack power will also temporarily increase, so you can increase damage by concentrating on weak points with long-range attacks.

Skills can be reassigned at camp

If you have a SP resetter, you can reassign SP on the skill acquisition screen. SP resetters can be used at camp and it’s cheap, so you can easily change skill distribution depending on the enemies.

Items can be collected automatically

By default, you need to press a button to pick up an item. If you turn on automatic item collection in the settings, items will be automatically collected just by passing by the item.

Settings can make objects easier to see

High-contrast settings for visual support can highlight objects, climbable steps, and more. This is not suitable for normal play as it will also be reflected in movies, etc., but it is recommended when searching for items as it will reduce the chance of missing something.

Detect disguised enemies with Scan

When you scan an enemy disguised as a stone statue, the outline will be picked up in red. If you find a suspicious stone statue, scan it to avoid being attacked by surprise.

Stellar Blade How to Scan

You can also dash with 〇

Stellar Blade - Game Controls (PS5)

In-game, dashing is explained as pressing L3, but you can also dash by holding 〇. If you dash with 〇, you will always evade once before dashing so use it depending on your preference.

You do not lose materials or SP even if you die

If you die, you will start from the last save, but the materials, SP, Gold, etc. you obtained after saving will not be lost. When you die, enemies and boxes will reappear, so you can use them when going around collecting SP and materials in a location far from the camp.

Used items will disappear

If you die after using a recovery item after your final save, the item you used will not be returned to you. The items and SP you owned at the time of death will be saved.

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