Walkthrough Part 10 – The White Tower [The Last Guardian]


This is the tenth part of the full walkthrough for The Last Guardian.

The White Tower

After being freed from the cage, you will notice that Trico is hungry. First, pick up the helmet inside the cage you where in and head down to the lower area using the glowing cage.

Once there, approach the suit of armor glowing red. The head will automatically reattach to its body and the suit of armor will awaken. Avoid it and head to the room behind where the suit of armor’s body was standing and take the barrel. A good tactic to use here is to first drop the barrel near the glowing cage then lure the suit of armor somewhere far (like the far end of the room). Then, head back up the glowing cage and give the barrel to Trico.

After feeding the barrel to Trico, climb onto him and tell him to jump back to the area where you first encountered the beast.

After coming up through the hole, jump off Trico and to the path to your right. Follow the path ahead and up some stairs into the next room.

You will find a barrel that you can feed to Trico in the room so take it to Trico if you want. Next, jump onto Trico again and tell him to jump to the upper area ahead.

After climbing to the upper area, climb down Trico and head to the passage leading to the open to the left. Hug the left side of the cliff until you come across a steep ledge. Walk up to the edge until the ledge runs out to a bottomless plunge, then call Trico.

Climb on to Trico and tell him to jump to the higher level of the mountain.

Once you and Trico are on the platform next to the locked gate, get off Trico and walk to the ledge by the side of the cliff. Continue following the path until you are able to drop down onto the grassy area again. From there, go left to the path with a pillar blocking the way. Jump over it and head to dark ruins.

Head inside the dark ruins and head left to find the lever. This will unlock the gate to let Trico in.

Once Trico is inside, head to the lit passage to the upper left of the gate. You will reach an area that you can drop down from the bottom. Once at the bottom, two suits of armor will awaken and attack so call Trico to take them out.

There will also be another strange blue totem emitting energy that seems to drive Trico mad again. He will again devour you before a cutscene ensues.

After coming to, you will find that Trico has carried you to a small pond near the gated entrance from before. Head back to the area with the blue totem where Trico devoured you. Face the locked gate and tell Trico to lean up on the wall to give you a boost to the upper area.

Jump off and grab on to the ledge of the upper area. Pull yourself up and enter the next room. Go down the long ladder and to the area below. There will be a lever that you must pull to unlock the gate. Now Trico can proceed.

Go straight until you reach the mines. Head to the farthest mine trance on the far upper right. Once inside, call Trico. He won’t be able to fit his whole body, only his head. Climb on top of his head and jump onto the ledge to the right of Trico’s head.

Follow the small path until you can drop down to another area. After dropping down, turn around and remove the wood barring the gate. Then call Trico to follow you. He’ll find it hard to squeeze through but will somehow manage.

Follow the path and squeeze through the small opening in the bars. You will find a lever that opens the gate to allow Trico to proceed. Trico however will get stuck so run up to him. The passage will eventually collapse

After you come to, head back to the path from where Trico came through the narrow space on the right.

After getting out into the open, climb up Trico’s back. Climb out of the rubble and head in the direction you were going before the mine collapsed.

Continue moving amidst the rubble and climb up the ledge on the upper left.

Follow the path and drop down to the area. Then head for the path that leads out in the open. You will run into four suits of armor so run back and call Trico. After taking out the suits of armor, Trico will be extremely distressed so come up to him and pet him afterwards.

Next, call Trico to the edge of the ruin and climb on him. Then, tell him to jump on to the pillar up ahead.

You will soon land on the wooden path in the middle. The wooden path will eventually collapse so Trico will dash forward until the path turns left. Eventually, the path will take you to two glass eye panels.

Drop down to the area below and walk on the wooden  path below. You will need to cross to the tower ahead by scaling and walking on the wooden beams.


After crossing the wooden beam, walk on the ledge to the right. Continue following the path until you reach the wider path.

From there, head up the stairs and go around the tower from the right. You will eventually see where you left Trico. Head towards his direction and onto the platform where the two glass eye panels are.

Push one of the panels to the edge. A group of suits of armor will then approach you, carrying glass eye panel shields. Since you will be in a daze, you can’t do anything. Trico will then come to your rescue and destroy the suits of armor. Trico will accidentally drop you so be sure to grab on to him in time. The wooden platform will then collapse again. While it may seem that you and Trico are sure to fall, Trico will suddenly extend his wings and fly.

Trico will eventually crash into another tower. As he clings desperately onto the ledge, get off him and head for the lever on the right side of the tower. This will raise the gate for Trico to come in. However, the ledge will collapse and Trico will plunge lower down the tower.

Grab on to the ledge above and pull yourself up. Then jump and grab the next ledge. It will break and you will fall below so be ready to grab on to Trico on your way down.

Once you grab onto to Trico, climb up his back and get off to the path to the right. You will find another lever here that opens the gate on the level your on. Again, the ledge will collapse, but Trico will now manage to get in in time. Wait for him to pop his head out since you’ll need his help to get inside the tower as well.

After getting inside the tower, head up the stairs behind Trico. You will reach the edge of the tower out in the open again.

Walk up to the edge and call Trico. Then, climb on his back and tell him to drop to the lower platform below. He will then work his way up until the roof tiles east of the area. From there, Trico should turn to the corner on the left of the roof. Then, Trico should jump up on the area above.

Trico will arrive near a big hole in the wall of the building. Get off Trico and enter the hole. You will then need to head down to the area below. Be warned that there will be suits of armor in the area so be sure to take cover while Trico takes them out.

After clearing the enemies, head to the glass eye panel up the stairs and push it forward. Once it can’t be pushed further, head down the stairs to your left and pull the lever to drop the glass eye panel.

When the bridge comes back up, the beast will appear again. As the beast gets the upper hand on Trico, run up to the lever and pull it again to help your friend.

The beast however is quite smart. He will proceed to drag Trico down to the lower area. Run up to the inclined bridge and drop down. Be sure to grab on to Trico in time as you fall.

Once on the lower platform, run to the room behind the beast. There will be a lever that closes the gate. Run and grab the beasts tail and drag it to where the gate will come down. When you’re ready, pull the lever.

When the gate comes down on the beast’s tail, he will give a loud yell and turn his attention to you. Luckily, Trico will drag him down to an even lower platform so follow them down again.

Once you come down on Trico, remove the spears on his back. Then hop on the beast’s head and jump onto the chain above. Once you get at the top, push the cart down on the beast. Once he gets hit, he will leave.

When the beast leaves, use the ladders on the left and go down to Trico. As you climb on him to remove his spears, he will plunge to the bottom of the area.

Remove the spears from Trico and pet him. Trico will eventually cough up the mirror. Pick it up and shine light on some carts stacked on the upper level of the area. The carts will come crashing down along with some barrels that you can feed to Trico.

There are two barrels that you can hand feed to Trico in the area, but he will need more. After giving him the two barrels, climb up the ledge near the chain above. Jump of the ledge and grab on to the chain.

Once you get to the top, shine the mirror on some wooden barricades blocking the path to the next area.

The next area will contain two more barrels. Pick them up and drop them below. Then, head back down and feed them to Trico.

Once Trico has recovered, climb on to his back. He will jump into a hole in the building and into a lit area. Then, Trico will jump to where he and the beast were last fighting.

You will reach a level near the balcony where a suit of armor will be throwing spears at Trico. Get down and shine the mirror on him to strike him with lightning.

Afterwards, grab on to Trico again and continue going up. You will encounter another suit of armor on the balcony. Get off Trico again and shine the mirror on him to take him out. Climb on to Trico again and continue going up.

Once Trico gets on the highest level, get off him and turn around to the path blocked by wooden barricades. Use the mirror to destroy them. Then climb on Trico again and tell him to jump to the area.

When you get across, Trico will enter a small opening on the left. You will then arrive at an area where you can drop down below again. Get off Trico and drop down on your own. There will be another blue totem device that emits energy. Once Trico comes down, he will begin to turn hostile again. Shine the mirror on the blue totem device to destroy it. Pet Trico afterwards.

Proceed out into the open area. There will be many glass eye panels hanging on the towers. Shine your mirror on all of them to destroy them all.

After destroying the glass eye panels, Trico should lean on the entrance of the tower you came from. Climb up his back and he will jump up to climb all the way to the top before jumping to the next tower ahead.

Once you get on the tower with patches of grass and hollow in the center, get off Trico. Then, head to the left. From there, you can see another glass eye panel that you can destroy so use the mirror again. Call Trico and climb on him again. Then, tell him to jump to the next pillar ahead.

Trico will enter another tower after jumping from pillar to pillar. Get off him and head for the bridge straight ahead.

Before entering the next tower, call Trico. Climb on him and tell him to jump up on the platform to the upper left.

Trico will then arrive at a platform in front of a locked gate. There will be two ledges on the left that you can grab onto. Follow the path by jumping and grabbing onto each ledge. You will reach the highest room of the tower where the lever will be. Pull it to let Trico in.

Once Trico is inside, head to the next area that leads to another gap. From there, you will be able to take out a glass eye panel hanging on the next tower.

Afterwards, tell Trico to jump over the gap, then climb on to him. After making it across, drop down and pull the lever in the room.

After pulling the lever, head to the opened gate. From there, Trico should jump to the upper area to the left of the gate you came out of. Eventually, you will come up to a platform overlooking balconies with suits of armor throwing spears at you. Use the mirror to take them out. Afterward, pet Trico.

Then, make the jump to the tower ahead. There will be another lever here so pull it and head for the next platform. You will need to climb up the tower again by jumping to the upper left of the gate you came out of. There will be another suit of armor that will appear in the balcony nearby so take him out first, then climb up the tower.

Once you get at the platform overlooking a dropped drawbridge, get off Trico and head to the back through the gate (you will be able to squeeze in). Head up the stairs and up the tower. At the highest room is the lever that lowers the drawbridge.

Head back to Trico and jump over the gap.  Once on tower, get on the ledge to the left by jumping off Trico.

After landing on the ledge, head up the stairs. There will be a hole to the left of the tower that you can enter. Proceed in the hole and climb up the ledge to where the lever is, then pull it. This will activate drawbridges behind Trico to serve as a taxiing road as you both attempt to flew to the White Tower. Head back down and run to the far end of the bridge and call Trico. Once there, climb on him and tell him to run and fly towards the White Tower.

Once on the ledge of the White Tower, you will be attacked by many suits of armor. Trico will take them all out, but be sure to remove any spears piercing him during the battle.

Eventually, a suit of armor bearing an eye glass shield will threaten Trico. Come up from behind him and shove him to make him drop the eye glass shield. There will also be enemies on the balconies so use your mirror to take them out.

Once all enemies have been defeated, remove spears from Trico and pet him. Then, circle the tower until you arrive at the gate of the ice lift. Put the mirror in the device at the center to open the gate. Then proceed inside.

Follow the path until you come into the lift itself. It will have another device that activates the lift using the mirror. Use it to go up. Unfortunately, the upper area wil be blocked so you will have to find another way to go up.

This concludes the tenth part of the full walkthrough of The Last Guardian.

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