Walkthrough Part 2: Entering the Ruins [The Last Guardian]


This article is the second part of the full walkthrough of The Last Guardian – Entering the Ruins.

Entering the Ruins

After exiting the cave, proceed to the right of the area until you come to the edge of the cliff. To the right of the edge is a steep walkway. Use it to cross the to the other side.


The path will eventually end on the edge of the cliff again. Grab the chain above and continue crossing the gap.

Once you get all the way across, you will come to a new area (a big platform made of stone). You will also see the entrance to the ruins from this area. Use the mirror to indicate where Trico should use his lightning. When he does, one of the pillars of the ruins will collapse which you can use as a bridge to the entrance of the ruins. But after a while, the pillar collapses even more, so you’ll need to take the path going down.


Take the pillar bridge to the area below. From there, head left to the path lit by torches that leads to a staircase.


Follow the path to the next area, then head to the right. You will arrive at a big area lit with a lot of torches that looks like a courtyard. Unfortunately for Trico, he won’t be able to enter this room (you’ll see him stick his head in while trying to get in).


From the big area lit with torches, head to the staircase at the right. Go up the stairs and turn right. Continue following the path until you reach the edge of the area where the collapsing pillar should have been (until it fell further below). From here, you can call Trico to come up.


Head back. You should see a pile of collapsed pillars. Use the mirror to tell Trico to hit the spot with lightning. When the pile of rubbled is destroyed, there will be a barrel that you can feed to Trico.


Head back to the big courtyard with lit torches and face the wall near the entrance and call Trico. Let him stand next to the wall so you can climb on him and get up to the wall. There will be ledges that you can grab on wall as you go up.




Continue climbing up. When you reach the top, walk on the ledge to the right. After climbing up a platform, there will be a chain hanging above. Grab on to it and proceed upwards. Once on the top, head left and go into the path that marked with moss.


Continue following the path until you reach a grassy area. Straight ahead is a room with a barrel that you can feed to Trico. Carry it out of the room and into the grassy area and call Trico for him to eat it.

Afterwards, use the mirror and lock on to the blocked path for Trico to use his lightning on.


Proceed to the next area. You will then arrive some barred windows. You will however be able to crawl in a small hole in the rock on the right of the area.


Continue along the small tunnel until you reach the open grassy area. Look around until you see another wall of barred windows that looks like Trico can scale to the other side. When you do, face the wall and call Trico. Grab on to him before he leaps.


Once on the other side, you will encounter glass eye panels that repel Trico. Push these to the edge to allow Trico to pass.Once the glass is destroyed, head up the stairs and turn right to another set of stairs. Before the second set of stairs is a room to the left with a barrel in it that you can feed to Trico (shown in the second image). Afterwards, continue following the path to the exit that’s emitting light.




You will arrive at an area with a locked gate. Call Trico and climb unto him to reach the exits emitting light at the top of the area.



Head to the exit emitting light. You will then need to grab on to ledges of varying elevations while moving left.


Keep making your way to your left until you can jump unto a passage.


Head into the passage and drop to the area below (grab on the ledge and let go). Then, pull the lever in the room. This will allow Trico to pass through.

After pulling the lever head to the area to the east of the lever. You will reach a corridor with a path on the left and a barrel straight ahead. Take the barrel and feed it to Trico if you need to. Then head for the path on the left. There will be wooden planks blocking the path so use the mirror for Trico to use his lightning on it.


Follow the path until you arrive at the edge of the area. Call Trico then drop down to the area below by hanging on the ledge. Trico will be terrified when he comes near the area.


Once at the bottom, you will see a weird blue totem. Call Trico to come down. When he does, a cutscene will ensue. The blue totem emits energy that terrifies Trico.


Trico will turn very hostile. He will devour you, to which a cutscene will again play.


After waking up, you will find Trico collapsed. Your mirror will also be gone. Climb on to Trico and slip down to the area below from his tail.


When you reach the area below, climb up the waterway in the middle and follow the path. A cutscene will show that suits of armor in the area have come to life.

Continue along the waterway and take a left when the path continues up ahead (the path ahead is a dead end).


Keep following the path until you come out of the waterway. Then, climb up the ladder and pull the lever to open the gate on the other side. Then, drop from the other side to the newly opened gate. You will pass the room where the awakened suits of armor where. Lure them to Trico and he will take them out. Trico will be very unsettled after the battle. Go to him and press the O button to pet him until he calms down.


Once Trico calms down, head to the room where the suits of armor where. Position Trico near the left wall of the room, then climb on him and get on the upper area above. Once on the upper area, head right and follow the path until you reach the edge of the upper level.


You will need to jump to the wooden set of beams ahead.  Carefully walk on the wooden path and head for the chain ahead. Climb up the chain up to the top.


After reaching the top, call Trico.



This concludes the second part of the full walkthrough of the Last Guardian on how to enter the ruins.

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