Walkthrough Part 6: Ruins ~ Railroad [The Last Guardian]

Deep Within the Ruins

The glass eye


Once you enter a new path inside the ruins, you encounter a glass eye once again. Enemies will also spawn in the area, and since Trico cannot move, just avoid the enemies’ attacks.


Go towards the left side of the area and climb the platform. Once you reach one of the upper levels, there is a chain that you can climb to reach another upper level. Climb the chain and jump to another platform behind you to the lower right. There is a barrel in the area, so give it to Trico before proceeding.


After you give the barrel to Trico, go back to the bottom of the chain then push it to the right. Once you push it, it will move forward, grip the chain and hold on until you reach the bridge where the glass eye is. Grip the glass eye and push it forward to break it. Trico will now move and eliminate the enemies below.

Entrance to the railroad


Once the enemies are defeated, move forward to the narrow steel plank until you reach a railroad. You will not be able to advance towards this area by going through this path, so you have to find another way to reach the glass eye in the area. Go back to the path where the railroad splits, then go to the right.


There is a lever at the bottom, pull it down to open the gate. Call Trico to follow you to the next area.

The Railroad

Breaking the glass eye

Once you go out of the gate, you will be at the area where the glass eye is again. The glass eye seems to be suspended in a chain, so the boy has to think on how to break the glass.


Call Trico to the right side of the area then it will reach out on the barrel in the structure above, grab onto Trico then climb your way towards the top of the structure. Give the barrels to Trico then proceed towards the end of the structure.


There are some cages to the left that you need to jump on in order to reach the glass eye. keep on jumping on the cages until you reach a seesaw-like structure that leads to the glass eye.


Stand on the the side of the seesaw where you landed and let the other side tilt upwards, once it reached its maximum tilt, run forward then jump into the scaffolding near the glass eye.


There are several holes in the eye that you need to enter into to reach the top. Once you reach the top of the glass eye, jump over the platform in front of you then proceed to jump on the other platforms leading to the top.


When you reach the top, the chain that the glass eye is connected to can be moved. Push the end of the chain down and let the glass eye fall. Trico will now be able to move forward and jump over the pillars. Trico will stop at the middle to catch you, so jump down then hold on to Trico.

The broken glass eye


Once you reach the last pillar, Trico notices the broken glass eye at the end of the wooden bridge. Push the broken glass eye down to proceed. Trico will break the wooden bridge once he jumps down, so hold on to Trico and it will fly towards the pillars to the north.


To the next part of the ruins


After jumping the set of pillars, Trico will not be able to move. Climb down Trico’s tail and jump down to the path below. Climb the platform until you reach the entrance of the next area.


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